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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 20 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 20 (By KevM3)

Messing with married women is never the business. From just a moral standpoint, you don’t want to cause another man all that pain, break up his household, etc., and the repercussions could easily result in your life.


What makes everything so difficult as a man is that we place such a high emphasis on looks, but when it comes down to it, the woman for us may not be the best-looking. Fine women are kind of like a rat trap. You see the cheese there and you want it so bad you ignore the clamp that’s about to slam on your neck. We call animals dumb, but we fall for the same thing.


Everybody has a bar for looks, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The issue comes down to passing on that 7.5 who loves everything about you for that 9.5 who ain’t really paying you much attention because you aren’t a baller, but you keep holding out and doing everything for her.


Never build your life around pursuing women..


We can only talk about women and how to deal with them so long before we start repeating ourselves… and ultimately, you can’t really control what a woman does and you’ll never really know what she’s doing when you’re not around… so let’s focus on the main subject that we CAN control, which is improving ourselves.

Here’s what guys in here should focus on. Build yourself up and learn the difference between putting your resources into depreciating and appreciating assets. You go around here, spend all your money on Jordans, clothes, rims, etc., trying to look fly and you’ll have just put yourself in a position of financial dependency. You won’t be able to sell all that junk nearly for the price you’ve paid for them. Maybe you got some broad’s attention ‘flashing’ and ‘looking crispy’, but after a few moments with them, where are those broads now? Oh yeah, they’re a memory, but I bet you wish you had that money. Assets that appreciate are education, stocks, bonds, land, etc. What you really should be doing is educating yourself and developing skills, and I don’t necessarily mean through school. I learned way more outside of school than I ever did inside.A man that learns to focus on putting the majority of his resources into assets will end up much better off than one who is throwing his money away trying to impress women or just on consumer items. Here’s the number one thing I want you guys to focus on this year. GET YOUR DEBTS PAID OFF. It makes no sense ‘saving money’ in a low interest banking account when you have a high interest loan/cc bill going against you… Why is that? Because you are getting poorer by the minute. How are you really getting ahead if you get $5 of interest but you are paying the CC company $45 worth? The key is to put the percentages of interest in your favor.One of the best feelings you can have is being debt free and not really owing anyone money. And let me tell you one of the biggest areas people spend all their money when they could really be saving is in cars. You buy this expensive new car and you’ll feel fly for a couple of years, but that new car soon turns into an old and used car, but you still have that massive car payment. Instead of getting that $40,000 car, get that $20,000 car and use the 20,000 difference to flip it legally and make more money or to significantly improve your skills, which will make you more economically viable.

You don’t want to be in a state of dependency with debt collectors beating down your back, and if you structure your life correctly, you can be doing real fly things… you’ll be nearly stress-free and taking trips across the world while other dudes are getting abused by their bosses at a job they can’t leave because they are knee high in debt.

 Let’s continue on the discussion of money. The average guy looks at money as something to be procured and spent immediately on some material item. That’s because of consumerism-oriented brainwashing. Most people have this unexplainable urge to buy things, and they can’t really figure out the root of it. Little do they know how much psychological trickery and brainwashing goes on in order to induce within you an impulse to buy. This constant need to buy will introduce a mentality into you that will forever have you as a debt slave and you will continually be under the thumb of corporations. You will also be a dependent and be forced to work at places you hate with people you cannot stand. Why? Because you have no kind of savings to fall back on.

Your mission is to pay off your debts and to start saving your money so you can live a FLUID and FREE lifestyle, meaning if you get fired or lose your job for another reason, it won’t be all that huge of a deal because you have so much money saved up. Structuring your life to be responsible is the key. Minimalism is a philosophy you should embrace. Just as companies aggressively cut costs to improve their bottom line, you should cut out unnecessary expenditures so that you can build up your fall-back fund and your investment fund. You need to also take time to reflect on your consumeristic nature and learn to slowly reduce your addiction to buying. What you are ultimately developing are positive financial HABITS.

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