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State Of Manhood (By KevM3)

State Of Manhood (By KevM3)

I know that the older generation often looks at the younger generation and wonders why we are in such disarray and what could have possibly happened. They may hold a conversation with a younger man and wonder where is the reason or soundness to his philosophy. Where is the masculinity? What could have possibly happened?

There are several elements that have worked together to rob young men today of the lessons of manhood that would have them truly succeed in the long-run. One of the largest causes of the state of manhood today is that masculinity in males is not taught, and in fact, is often discouraged. In fact, there has been an effort to reverse the roles, which means to introduce more feminine traits into men, and on the other end of the spectrum, to introduce more masculine traits into women. You see it all throughout society, especially on television, but this also includes the school system.

There has been a perpetuation of homosexuality and transgenderism, as well as metrosexuality in much of the television ‘programming’. Dave Chappelle referenced to what was going on behind the scenes when he talked about him being asked to wear a dress for a movie role. Men in television shows and movies are also being depicted as bumbling, fumbling idiots and are often led around by women. Men are also depicted on television as constantly embracing feminine behavior such as wearing extremely tight pants, wearing purses (aka man-bags), among other things.

Now Mathew 6:22 says: ”The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.”

What this means is that what you look at has an effect on who you become. What you watch will eventually become what you emulate in many aspects. if you want to become good, you have to look at good things. How does this tie into my previous point? Simple, Television is a source of transmitting ideas to the brain through the eyes. When young men watch television, they are receiving ideas on what masculinity is supposed to be, and this starts to create their operating philosophy. Men start to get the notion that they need to be more metrosexual and that they need to defer to women because they see that this behavior is rewarded in television. When this is all they see and know, you create a generation of men who increasingly become feminized because that is the information they are given. They see men on television deferring to women and being led by women, so they believe that is how a man should act. They see the biggest stars dressed in feminine fashions, so they believe that is acceptable. This is also reinforced in schools where young men are taught that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice and boys are puppy dog’s tails. Women are taught that everything a man can do, she can do better. This deferential attitude is reinforced in school and through the media, and is also solidified with the parenting..

Now, you might retort that it’s up to the parents to raise their kids, and that is true, but how many parents are actually raising their kids and imparting to young men the lessons of manhood? A few are, but many aren’t. Also, the increasing prevalence of single-parent households means that many lessons simply never have a chance of being passed along. Thus, when the dad is no longer in the picture, ideas of manhood are often garnered from sources such as television or what other young men react to. So then, what often arises is that you either have young men embrace the feminine and deferential ideals being espoused on television or you have young men acting in a fashion that garners respect from their peers. In other words, they do what their boys will cheer on. The last is why you see so much ‘hyper-masculine’ behavior which is often expressed in the form of gangs. What is missing from the equation is the perspective that an older man will give the younger man, which usually comes in the form of fatherhood. This guidance and advice that would balance the young man out and to sharpen his operating philosophy to ensure his success over the long-term is missing.

The young man who does what garners praise from his peers is essentially operating from a position of boyish wisdom, and while it may get him praise and garner the attention of women initially, this road often leads to prison or worse. Young men have not experienced much in life, so they don’t always know what all the paths offer, so in essence, this path is the blind leading the blind. On the other hand, if the kid is let to watch television and learn his manhood lessons there, he will usually turn out highly feminine and deferential because that is what he sees on television all the time.

These days are very different from ‘back in the day.’ Back in the day, there actually was a pattern for manhood and many fathers were still in the home. If a boy acted feminine, his dad would beat his behind and correct him. Nowadays, a lot of the fathers allow their boys to act feminine because they don’t want to be a ‘homophobe’ and actually have this notion that they need to let their kid ‘explore’ and ‘find himself.’ His boy wears a dress? That’s fine, he’s just finding himself. I mean, it’s really pathetic, and then they wonder why this younger generation acts funny. Another part of the equation is that society actually rewarded a man for acting like a man. Nowadays, it is punished. Back then, you were rewarded for taking charge and being in control. Now, you are called a misogynist and attempting to put these newly independent women back into their shackles of slavery. Is it any surprise that the state of manhood is what it is?

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  1. this is such a real article. too bad many people will only read this and not let it sit in their mind and take some course of action to correcting this type of behaviour

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