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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women PT. 18 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women PT. 18 (By KevM3)

Something interesting I’ve found is that women pretty much have decided if they like or dislike you before you even say a word to them, and your interaction with them will proceed from that. I’ve had a girl tell me that she misses me and it’s weird for her because she doesn’t even really know me. You could be average joe and you talk to a woman and getting conversation from her is about as fun as getting a tooth pulled… but let you be somewhat famous, and all of a sudden conversation flows so much easier.

The key I’ve found is to recognize when a woman likes you and to focus on those that do. Don’t waste your time extracting conversation into women that aren’t really into you… and you can tell when you first talk to them because they just don’t seem very interested.

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