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Daily Archives: January 14, 2014


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Some Miracle Watts pics to remind you there’s more out here for you

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The Modern-Day Relationship (By @DoNoWrng)

Seems like once you hit high school everything changes. Of course you gotta do more work, but more than anything the people change. Seems like everyone changes who they are and are much more influenced by other people once they’re in high school. The biggest change I’ve seen these days is relationships. It’s gone from those cheesy middle school loves ... Read More »

Lil Bibby on Hot 97’s morning show (Video)

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Ray Lewis: Championship Mindset (VIDEO)

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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women PT. 18 (By KevM3)

Something interesting I’ve found is that women pretty much have decided if they like or dislike you before you even say a word to them, and your interaction with them will proceed from that. I’ve had a girl tell me that she misses me and it’s weird for her because she doesn’t even really know me. You could be average ... Read More »


Damn, What happened to Tony Sunshine?! The R&B goon of Terror Squad. You couldn’t tell me he wasn’t going to hold the crown for Puerto Rican harmonizers. Fat Joe ran to Miami and left Tony Sunshine to rot in the soul snatching streets of the BX. Tony Sunshine ….We appreciate every bit of fire you gave us. Tony Sunshine ….We ... Read More »

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