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Rust (True Detective) Talks Religion (VIDEO) *Spoilers*

Best show out right now. Read More »

Smoke DZA ft. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2)

I wouldn’t mind a mixtape from these three. Read More »

Just For Laughs Uptown Comics 2005 (VIDEO)

Nothing but gems on this… Read More »

Troy Ave – “Cuffin Season” #KEYMiX

A quick Troy Ave Keymix to get us through the day. Read More »

VAGINA DIARIES PT 1 … Health of the V (By @teeniema)

Dear Readers, I know a lot of women are not comfortable talking about me or saying my name,so you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about my health and well-being. I’m not the gyno or a specialist but I’m a part of your body so I deserve the best treatment…. So please take a pen and a ... Read More »

Tommy Stars Feat. Quilly – “No Excuses”

Tommy Stars forthcoming street album Creative Differences coming soon. Shout out to DJ Young Legend on the play. Read More »

Patrice O’Neal at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, California (VIDEO)

RIP Patrice O’Neal Read More »

Trev Rich – Heights 3 (MIXTAPE)

Here’s the 3rd installment of Trev Rich’s Heights series. Shout out to Biz for the assist. Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Chief Keef – “Kobe”

Read More »

DOPE or NOPE 1/25/14

DOPE 1. True Detective 2. Vince McMahon 3. Friday Night Tykes 4. Dom Kennedy selling his OPM jackets for $350 5. Caramel Peach Swishers 6.  Evernote.Com 7. 8. Acme fried chicken 9. Combing ya beard in the shower 10. Getting sidetracked on YouTube for hours NOPE 1. Cheddar Cheese flavored Cup Of Noodles 2. Coconut Shrimp 3. Weekends without Football ... Read More »

Troy Ave Feat. Lloyd Banks – “My Style” (Prod. By Chase N. Cashe)

Off that New York City album. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

People should know of your relationship, not about it — The Dea Pierre (@DeaPierre) January 25, 2014 Twitter say don’t get them so I won’t that’s just how life goes… — Sad Pitt (@Bbillions) January 25, 2014   Pam Oliver betta have her shit right for the Super Bowl — Young Jefe (@Mally62st) January 24, 2014   Niggas be tryna ... Read More »

The Truth (By @BlueRayDre)

Women want the truth But Everyone’s truth is different. Reality is some women are too blinded by love to see the truth staring them in the face. Some are scared to start over. Others refuse to lose to the “sidebitch” while some play the same game men play. The latter we call the infamous “HOE in a relationship”. Giving a ... Read More »

6 Things Girls Do In Group Chats (By @_Sugatits)

Remember conference calls? About 15 years ago, my friends and I learned how to use the three-way calling feature on our house phones and from then on, no conversation consisted of just two of us. We managed to dish about everything happening in our 9 year old lives that we didn’t get to talk about at recess or lunch. As ... Read More »

#SadderDay (By @BBillions)

Love vs success… What’s the perfect girl if it ain’t the perfect time? smh. It’s so hard to try to manage a steady relationship and be productive at the same time. Wither you’re working at a cooperate office and gotta put them hours in to finish a big project or trying to make it in the entertainment business and gotta ... Read More »

Some Crystal Renay pics to remind you you don’t have to put up with your woman neglecting you

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Jabari Presents: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Documentary)

Macklemore gets a bad rap but his grind isn’t much different from most rappers. Jabari travels to Seattle to kick it with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis while they shoot the “Thrift Store” video and gathers some gems for the people. Read More »

Ye Ali – Art X Drugs (Mixtape)

Finally some new Ye Ali. Here’s his new Project Art x Drugs  Let this be your theme music for your L rides this weekend. 1. Visuals ft GOD Jewels 2. Cash.Up.Front 3. LOUD ft Lyfe Harris & Myah Evans 4. My Reasons ft Lyfe Harris 5. Semi ft Young Juice 6. Cliquot ft Tiara Thomas Lyfe Harris 7. Interlude 8. ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Curren$y Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Scottie Pippen”

Happy Saturday Read More »

Troy Ave Feat. 2Chainz – “Lost Boyz”

Off that White Christmas 2  tape Read More »

Troy Ave x Avon Blocksdale LA LEAKERS Freetyle

Brand new BSB freestyle off that LA LEAKERS “The 2014 Draft Picks” Mixtape. Shout out to the whole BSB Read More »

Wink Loc Feat. Young Jeezy & Jigg – “Want Me Dead” (Prod. By T Minus)

New Music off Wink Loc’s upcoming EP and DJ Folk’s #FolkTape Read More »

Ricky J Reyes – “Get It” (Prod. By Luxury)

New sh!t from Ricky J Reyes Twitter ~~~~> @RickyjReyes Check out his music on SoundCloud.Com/RickyJReyes Read More »

The “Comador” Cigar by Jay Z

Nothing he does surprises me anymore. A collaboration between JAY Z and General Cigar Co., the Comador is a luxury cigar wrapped in a Connecticut Havana leaf and aged and finished in Dominican barrels. Here, in the latest episode of The Blueprint, Life + Times follows the process behind the unique blend from Windsor, CT to Santiago, DR. Read More »

Melvin Thomas – “Winning”

Follow Him on Twitter ——> @TheMelvinThomas Check out his soundcloud page ——-> Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

MAN WHEN WE PLAYED IN THAT COLD WEATHER WE WAS COLD. — Michael Irvin (@michaelirvin88) January 5, 2014   As we all know Jay-Z has a dark past regarding responsibility and bricks. — Rell Wazowski. (@_RELLDOT_) January 13, 2014   Maybe they’ll let me leave early if im dramatic with my coughs — Nae (@Saymynae) January 14, 2014   Ignore ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Drake – 5am In Toronto

This the perfect song to ride around your city all alone while plotting on how to take over the world. Read More »

Tax Season Pt. 2 (By @Yung_Flippa)

Happy New Year to everybody out there, hopefully you all are off to a great start to the year. I’m back this year to once again talk about my personal favorite season of the year: Tax Season. I’ve been dreaming of W-2’s since October and that time has finally come. Now last time I talked about how not to blow ... Read More »

T Walker – “Circles” (Prod. By EPiDeMiCK X Chuck Hertz )

Some new music from T Walker called “Circles”. Follow T Walker ——-> @TWalkerNC Check out his  music ——-> SoundCloud.Com/TWalker Read More »

The LOX on Sway In The Morning (VIDEO)

Good interview….Performance is kind of a snooze though. Read More »

Find out your personality type

Here’s a cool test I ran across online that tells you your personality type. The test is kind of long so all of you people who can’t pay attention to anything for longer than 30 seconds (Like me sometime) might decide to tap out on this. I suggest you don’t  . At the end of the test you’ll receive your ... Read More »


Read More »

Some Miracle Watts pics to remind you there’s more out here for you

Read More »

The Modern-Day Relationship (By @DoNoWrng)

Seems like once you hit high school everything changes. Of course you gotta do more work, but more than anything the people change. Seems like everyone changes who they are and are much more influenced by other people once they’re in high school. The biggest change I’ve seen these days is relationships. It’s gone from those cheesy middle school loves ... Read More »

Lil Bibby on Hot 97’s morning show (Video)

My favorite new young savage from Chicago. Read More »

Ray Lewis: Championship Mindset (VIDEO)

Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women PT. 18 (By KevM3)

Something interesting I’ve found is that women pretty much have decided if they like or dislike you before you even say a word to them, and your interaction with them will proceed from that. I’ve had a girl tell me that she misses me and it’s weird for her because she doesn’t even really know me. You could be average ... Read More »


Damn, What happened to Tony Sunshine?! The R&B goon of Terror Squad. You couldn’t tell me he wasn’t going to hold the crown for Puerto Rican harmonizers. Fat Joe ran to Miami and left Tony Sunshine to rot in the soul snatching streets of the BX. Tony Sunshine ….We appreciate every bit of fire you gave us. Tony Sunshine ….We ... Read More »

State Of Manhood (By KevM3)

I know that the older generation often looks at the younger generation and wonders why we are in such disarray and what could have possibly happened. They may hold a conversation with a younger man and wonder where is the reason or soundness to his philosophy. Where is the masculinity? What could have possibly happened? There are several elements that ... Read More »

Jigg – “Somebody or Nobody” (Prod. By Cardo)

Shout out to DJ Folk on the assist. Brand new Jigg ….. #HighGrade3 coming real soon. Remember who put you on. Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Anita Baker – Rapture

Shout out to your aunt. Read More »

Park Avenue (Documentary)

“740 Park Ave, New York City, is home to some of the wealthiest Americans. Across the Harlem River, 10 minutes to the north, is the other Park Avenue in South Bronx, where more than half the population needs food stamps and children are 20 times more likely to be killed. In the last 30 years, inequality has rocketed in the ... Read More »

Colin Kaepernick’s First College Start (VIDEO)

Here’s footage of Colin Kaepernick’s first start as a college QB. I bet he never thought he would end up going to the NFC championship two times in a row…. Or maybe that’s exactly what he thought would happen. Read More »

Know your end game (By @iamtopcat101)

Let me start by saying jealously is natural, it’s even healthy to some degree, but only is the right catalyst is in place to convert that energy to productivity; it’s really the concept of turning a negative into a positive. Competition and jealously/envy cannot be considered as separate entities and this is perfectly fine when you have the same end ... Read More »

@ChefWaites & @SonOfSolomon_ Present …. Coon Tunes 6.0: Anniversary Edition (Mixtape)

I know I know …. I know….smh…but…The tape is actually fire. Just trust me. Please. Shout out to @Chefwaites & @SonOfSolomon_ 1. Intro  2.  Trophies (Remix)  – Drake/Migos 3. Yayo – Yo Gotti  4. Get This Money – 2Chainz 5. Wrong N!gga 6. Money Baby – Kwony Cash 7. Maison Margiela – Future 8. Problems 9. Danny Glover – Young ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Movie Night: The Mist (2007)

Not going to front, The Mist is a corny flick but just off the ending alone it’s worth a watch. hit up your twitter fling, grab a bottle and check it out. Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: RaWanted


Catch – “Fine Wine” Freestyle

New freestyle from Catch. Look out for #NightMare2 coming real soon Read More »

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