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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.17 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.17 (By KevM3)

Let’s talk about something important. A lot of guys whole lives revolved around getting and attracting women.They want to make more money to get women, they change their personality to attract women, they buy cars to attract women, they spend all their money on clothes to do what? That’s right, attract women. But think about this deeply. Why are you spending so much time and resources attempting to procure something you can never truly control? When it’s said and done, these women can walk off at ANY given moment, so what are you investing all this energy, effort and resources into procuring. Would you go to blockbuster or hollywood video (when they were open) and pay 60 dollars to rent a game that you had to return? You would say that would be stupid. But a lot of guys are spending the vast majority of their time and life’s resources attempting to procure something they can never own. You don’t own that honeypot between her legs and you never will. Nor do you own her heart. As soon as her feelings shift, she is out the door and so is everything you worked with for her.

There is nothing wrong with dressing nice and buying a decent ride, but when you start spending the majority of your funds to procure these items in order to impress women, then you are hustling backwards. The majority of your thoughts should be focused on handling life’s business and the such, not on impressing women. Remember, you are letting them PARTICIPATE in your life. You’re not going around chasing and begging and hoping they allow you into their company.

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