Wednesday , 16 April 2014
Nerd At The Cool Table



1. Football Season being back.

2. NFL Redzone

3. Johnny Football

4. Juicy J Album

4. Katy Perry

5. Mandarin Jarritos

6. California Mexican Girls

7. Cheesesteak Pizza

8. Keeping your best photos and giving the scraps away to Instagram

9. ESPN Fantasy Football app

10. Skylar finally being a team player

11. Dedication 5

12. Damn Dash oldest daughter in 7 years


1. Fantasy Draft Autopicks

2. Blogs rushing to post the same song everyone else is going to have

3. Lamar Odom

4. Cali Jeezy

5. Jump starting your car

6. Seeing your twitter crush falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes

7. Young Girls flirting with you

8. White girls cursing at their mothers

9. Dom Kennedy

10. TD Jakes

11. Tyler Perry


  1. Why the hell is dom kennedy on the nope list!!????

  2. This list isnt the same anymore .

  3. I liked this list..same vibe as all the other dope/nope lists

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