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Why we don’t feel bad for Aaron Hernandez (By @FU_Carter)

Why we don’t feel bad for Aaron Hernandez (By @FU_Carter)

As Paula Deen said, niggas just don’t change.

Although he’s Hispanic, Hernandez is still a nigga from the suburbs of Bristol, Connecticut that won’t give up his gangsta card.

I’m so tired of these started from the bottom niggas, insisting on staying on the damn bottom.


Aaron Hernandez throws up gang sings, poses with guns, gets into bar fights, but how gangsta are you if you shoot your fiancée’s sisters boyfriend, Odin Lloyd, in the back of the head? You are a cold-blooded killer— that was your family you murked.

Now murder isn’t ever cool, but there’s a difference between self-defense and that Dexter serial killer dude. Hernandez is on the dark side of that rainbow

He’s on a power trip worse than J.Cole and Miguel. In less than a week, he went from top of the world endorsements with Puma, a star player on the Patriots to sitting in a cell, his jersey ripped from the racks and having his home torn apart by police. 

The way Hernandez murdered Lloyd shows that he’s used to being sloppy. Really though, if me and you went and killed somebody you think we just going to leave the body and run home right after? I would of buried it or thrown it in the ocean to save my ass some time… just leaving it the park is insane-like…. you missed EVERY CSI episode? Damn, that’s  shame. 
Excuse my therapist analysis, but Hernandez has a lot of issues. Lloyd isn’t the first person he’s shot at and I’m not convinced that he’s the first person he killed. What’s dark always comes to light and, boy oh boy, it’s like cleaning your dirty ole’ room. What good is making the bed, if you not finna wipe the feces off the wall? A clean bed in a dirty @ss room is still a nasty shituation. Clean the shit off the walls! 
1. Had it all, he lost it all 
2. He’s young, he could be out of prison before his 50th birthday
3. He’s handsome and he’s a killer… he’d still get sex action in jail 
4. We don’t feel bad for him because he really doesn’t look sorry
Who we do feel bad about is… his damn baby mama, she really thought she was coming up and about to live that glamorous life. She thought she was about to get the Guiseppe’s and the Red Bottoms. SIKE! Ladies, make sure you get a ring on it before he goes to prison… that’s what Beyonce’s really talking about. 

By Toni Carter – @FU_Carter

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