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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 13 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 13 (By KevM3)

You need to have an investor’s mentality when dealing with women or with most things in life. I’m not talking about whether or not you are profiting financially off of a woman, but you need to think whether you are getting a suitable return for the time and effort you are investing with her? Is the effort you are putting in being justified by reasonable returns?

With investing in the stock market, you NEVER invest just to invest. You never buy stocks just because you haven’t bought one in a long time. You only buy a stock if there’s a suitable expectation of a reasonable return. It’s the same thing with women. You never get with a woman ‘just because’. You have to analyze her characteristics and determine whether or not she is bringing in value that is worthy of you making an investment of time with her. If not, that’s one you pass on.

You have to start thinking in terms of is this woman someone that will help me in my future or is she someone that will hinder it? Do not grace those who will hinder your future with your company, but spend that time with those who will. If you can find none that will do, simply shift that extra allotment of time to another activity.


The reality of the situation is that you can’t wife up most of these women that you come across, nor does it pay to be in a relationship with most of them. I prefer to be a realistic thinker. I’m not an ‘optimistic’ or ‘positive’ thinker. I look at myself as someone who CAN improve on things at hand, but FIRST, I must look at it AS IS. It is critical to work within the confines of reality.

The problem with a lot of these ‘positive thinkers’ is that they allow their positivity to override their sense of reality and they start taking life as they WANT it to be and start overlaying it on top of life as it really is. In other words, in their mind, they transform doodoo into diamonds, but when they wake up out of their fantasy, they find out they’re in a big, stinking mess.

The reality of the situation with a lot, but not all women in this day and age is that they are constantly talking to all kinds of dudes and they will continue to talk to them even while they are in a ‘relationship’ with you or even ‘talking’ to you. This is why a lot of these women simply disappear for periods of time and come back with some excuse or seem to have amnesia in regards to their whereabouts. “Oh I was just busy with a few things.” The reality is that these are low moral and low quality women and you cannot change their behavior patterns with some action you are doing, so it is best to cut them off and do not deal with them. Once you’ve engaged in regular communication with a woman and all of a sudden she starts to give you the run-around or disappear for big blocks of time she is usually dealing with other men. It doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to say, “Hey, how are you doing” in this communication age, and if you’re serious about someone, why is that so difficult? It’s not. She’s just preoccupied with another guy who she has given priority over you, but she’ll pop in every now and then to keep you on the roster to fall back on. When you and a woman have established a pattern of regular conversation, if that woman can NOT be consistent in staying in contact with you after that, do not give her the satisfaction of being in touch with you. Your value is way too high to be some back-up plan for some broad.

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