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Monday Motivation (By @nccruzn)

Monday Motivation (By @nccruzn)

A day and a dollar short, that is the result of complacency.

Why live a life of mediocrity when the world of opportunity is at your finger tips. Complacently is hazardous to a fulfilling life. It starts small and snow balls into a life of “ what ifs.”Complacently will have you in a job that you and feeling unaccomplished. Complacency will have your best friend dating the girl of your dreams because you never asked. Complacently will have you passed up for a promotion because you didn’t apply yourself.

Complacency is a direct correlation between lack of confidence. Lack of confidence is a direct correlation between lack of knowledge. Hence, knowledge is power. Knowledge is the arsenal of the wise. Applying knowledge in a positive aspect and you will achieve positive results. Surround yourself with leaders, network; and learn from others. MOST OF ALL DON’T “fake it til you make it.” That sounds good until you get exposed because of lack of knowledge.

Find a passion, become an expert and move with urgency. Life is more than a 9-5 rat race; so when the clock hits 0:00 what will your legacy be?

 Carpe Diem! Seize the Day.


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