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Dear Summer, Dont Break My Heart (By @RegularAssRon)

Dear Summer, Dont Break My Heart (By @RegularAssRon)

Dear Summer,

I love you. Then I hate you. I need you then I can’t wait for you to go. When I’m lonely from being in love you show up right on time. When I want you to stay you always have to leave. Just like my her. The summer wants me to love life and so I do that. The summer wants me to have drunken nights and hangovers. I allow that. I just want to have fun, hug my child and make great memories.
The winter ages you. The seasons change you.  Season’s change like “her’s” do. Hers that promise to be yours forever will take it all back when they meet a new him. All that’s left is the summer. The summer brought me love…it also let that love be penetrated by another. I was sad and then I grew. I learned to just let the summer be great and enjoy every smile it puts on my face.

This letter is for you. I want you to know that you’re everything to me. When I think of you I immediately hear Songs by Aubrey in my head (pause). So since we belong together we should just go together and love it as long as we like each other. That’s my wish. The Summer made me everything I am, so I owe everything to the Summer. Not because I was born in the summer. I wasn’t. Not because I lost my virginity in the summer even though I did. Not because I have a summer body. I don’t. I owe everything to the summer because we all do.

  • Went to Summer school 2x’s. Liked it so much I decided to go back. Thank You Summer.
  • Graduation money is the greatest gift in the world. Don’t be stupid and spend it all on food and school supplies. Invest in something other than school as a fall back plan. Thank You Summer.
  • The first girl you love is gonna break your heart. She’s gonna take selfies while ignoring your iMessage alerts. Rihanna’s music is taking care of your old girl… she doesn’t need you anymore. Just like a lot during the summer and don’t talk about your feelings. Save that for the fall. Just find a girl who likes to drive even if her car isn’t really built for all that and flourish.

She came into my life when I needed her. I had a her but she was everything that my her wasn’t. She was terrible for me but beautiful to me. Just another Summher. When she left I learned. I didn’t have drugs, alcohol or twitter to get me thru it. I just had my her. She was my drug. Summer’s have come and gone. The summer is here now and she’s not around. Like the summer before and the one before that. She broke my heart and then my beard started to grow. I learned you don’t need love during the summer. It’s only gonna break your heart. All you need is a her and things to do. So do things, be great at them and love the summer. I just have one request from May to September…Dear Summer, Don’t Break My Heart

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