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Dear Dap Man (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

Dear Dap Man (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

Dear Dap Man,

I’m sure your intentions are good but enough is enough. I don’t know your name or where you are from but yet you feel the need to come dap me up no matter what I am doing. How do you even know me? You once interrupted a conversation I was having with a very lusty looking female, just to dap me up smh. Have some respect. Does dapping people mean that much to you? , that you gotta walk around the club/bar just looking for niggas to dap up? All the bait in the club/bar and you thirsty for the dap smh you just gotta grow up B. Don’t get me wrong if I knew who you were it would not be a problem that you dapped me when you saw me but I don’t so its not okay.

Now some of you are probably wondering who the hell is Dap Man? Dap Man is any nigga you see out in the club/bar that always goes out of his way just to dap you and ya homies no matter who you are speaking to at the time. Dap Man will do anything to get your attention so he can dap you. Normal niggas are in the club/bar doing laps and lurking for bait but nope not Dap Man, he might throw a napkin or even shout. Some of yall probably reading this and saying “Damn, this sounds a lot like me”. If so hopefully this will stop you from lurking for daps because if you’re lurking for dap in the club/bar then you’re just a Male groupie. Instead of lurking for the dap go hit on some bitches and order them some drinks

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