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Daily Archives: July 9, 2013

Oskee Mariotti x Ye Ali – Straight Up (Prod. By Kokhle)


Oskee Mariotti links up wit my Indiana cousin Ye Ali. I fucks wit this. Read More »

The Escapist (By @DugB)


life itself is so magic. not that tender pixar magic where your favorite baseball saves the day, or that shit where eastern Europeans use sparklers to transform pristine white tigers into stage fraught kittens. I mean that old school, harry houdini, drowning in a cold tub of ice while the public watches type of magic. where everyone in attendance secretly ... Read More »

Troi Torain Show (Star From The Star & Bucwild Show) 7/8/13 (VIDEO)


I’m late but from here on out you can expect to see every one of these shows here. Shout out to Star, one of the the people who I mirror my style of ignorance after. On this episode he discusses Jamie Foxx, Tim Hardaway, Tyler Perry and more. Read More »

Nardwuar Vs. Fabolous (VIDEO)


Nardwuar vs Nerd Nash coming soon….Maybe. Read More »

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