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Dope Or Nope

DOPE 1. Orange Is The New Black on Netflix 2. Drug Connects via twitter 3. Discreet Conversations in the comments of IG pics from 58 weeks ago 4. Starting to see progress from going to the gym 5. Henny on Sundays 6. Pizza when you’re drunk 7. Taking losses and learning from them 8. Stevie J 9. Cheating on your ... Read More »

The True Story of Che Guevara (Documentary)

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I feel like it (EYE CANDY)


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Behind The Scenes of Fabolous ft. 2 Chainz – When I Feel Like It (VIDEO)

This my sh1t right here. Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Beanie Sigel – Nothing Like It

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Rick Ross – I Wonder Why

Props to Rozay for speaking on selfies and the Trayvon Martin incident. Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 13 (By KevM3)

You need to have an investor’s mentality when dealing with women or with most things in life. I’m not talking about whether or not you are profiting financially off of a woman, but you need to think whether you are getting a suitable return for the time and effort you are investing with her? Is the effort you are putting ... Read More »

Action Bronson Live @ The Bushwick Block Party (VIDEO)

Bronson performs a few joints at this past Satur….I mean Sadderday’s Bushwick Block Party Read More »

Monday Motivation: “I in Win” (By @Nccruzn)

To be successful I first have to want to succeed. I think today’s society and media puts a lot of shade on the power of the individual. We need to break away from that thinking and strive to win and remember that there is an ‘I’ in win. No one can win for me. While there are motivational factors that ... Read More »

Reese – On Me

DSNRTRAPN coming soon Read More »

#Sadderday: 2nd Annual Sadderday Olympics

It’s that time of the year again… You’ve trained so hard, drunk countless amounts of peach ciroc listened to old drake and stalked ya ex Instagram… Here’s the time to show what your made of! The Second annual SadderDay Olympics is here… Let the games began! Text ya ex The true essence of Sadderday. Get drunk, text ya ex and ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Nickels & Dimes (By @AL_PATRON)

“Silly begets silly, you’ll learn on your own, at least my conscience is clear, I’m no longer steering you wrong…” – Jay-Z Christ I’m fully aware that Jay decoded & explained his songs titles/lyrics but that’s not how or what I listen to music for.  I’m fully capable of taking what I need or want from music by applying it ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Rick Ross Feat. Jadakiss – Oil Money Gang

The people need some new Kiss by the time Hoodie Season hits. Read More »

Money Makin Nique x Key! – Phat N*gga

Its a Two9 affair here obviously. Key! and Money Makin Nique release a track to hold you off until Nique’s Guyana Gold and Key’s FATHERSARETHECURSE arrive. Produced by Mark Henry, the two swap lyric-heavy verses with each other right quick. Read More »

The City Addicted To Crystal Meth (Full Documentary)

“You smoke that sh1t and its ever man” Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Dom Kennedy – When I Come Around

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WWF Summerslam 1995 Shawn Michaels v Razor Ramon Ladder Match (VIDEO)

The world needs more ladders and less guns Read More »

Vagina Envy: A Motive Behind Misogyny (By @NovaGiovanni)

Hello, loyal reader. I know it has been a while, but Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for Your Soul. No long introduction is needed for this article. Let’s get right into it… Misogyny – noun. The hatred of women by men: “struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”. In this new age of information (and misinformation), where new ... Read More »

#FACTSONLY: “The Truth” Jay Z Interview with Elliott Wilson Part 1 & 2 (VIDEO)

Watch this interview then stop bullshitting. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows

  @stefaniebigone @AyyJayy22 @hudyhoo @karleapack  @mego705 Tweet @_Wavy_Crockett or @NerdAtCoolTable your nominations for #CoolTwitter #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows Read More »

Troi Torain Show (Star From The Star & Bucwild Show) 7/22/13 (VIDEO)

STAR talks D Wades Ex Wife, Jay Z’s MCHG, Soulja Boy and more. Read More »

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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Via Inc.Com ******************* We’re always complaining about how little time we have and how overwhelmed we are. We whine about all the interruptions and communication overload. We spend all sorts of time reading books and searching for ways to improve our time management and personal productivity. It’s ironic, I know. Well, get this. Most of your productivity drain is your ... Read More »

Bobby Dime$ – UAlready Gang (VIDEO)

Off that Google That Album. Shout out to the whole OT records & Killavision behing the camera. Booby’s World coming soon Read More »

French Montana Interview with The Fat Jew (Video)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaan Read More »

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Black Skinhead: Ye is fed up with us (By @FlyingSpur9)

I remember working at Best Buy early February 2004 when The College Dropout dropped. I had never heard of a Kanye West before that at all!! I had just won some bullshit contest and they told me I could get any CD I wanted for free, and since Young Buck’s Straight Outta Cashville (don’t ask) was still months away, I ... Read More »

Monday Motivation (By @Nccruzn)

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” ― Jim Rohn What separates the good from the great, the one hit wonders from the legends? One word Consistency. Consistency is not defined as perfection but as resilience, refusing to lose. It is about actualizing the process which leads to greatness. In any ... Read More »

Liym Courteous – The Float Pamphlet (MIXTAPE)

My guy Liym drops The Float Pamphlet mixtape. He got some muscles and went hollywood but that’s still my bro. DOWNLOAD: Liym Courteous – The Float Pamphlet (MIXTAPE) Read More »

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“F*ck You” Friday

F*ck “Turn Up” and everyone who loves it. Thanks to this footage we can finally put “Turn Up” to rest. N*ggas have been Turning up all year and this is all we have to offer. We just getting drunk and doing dumb sh1t. We just getting high and making fools out of ourselves. We turning up and tumbling down stairs. ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week



DOPE 1. Vince McMahon bringing Ultimate Warrior back to WWE 2. Jay-Z interview with Zane Lowe 3. Nautica Cargo shorts 4. Nike Dri Fit Tees 5.  Looking outside from inside seeing how hot it is out 6. Thighs that are right under the level of sloppy 7. Zaytoven “Birds Of A feather” Movie on Netflix 8. “Breaking Bad” being less ... Read More »

Troi Torain Show (Star From The Star & Bucwild Show) 7/17/13 (VIDEO)

On This episode Troi Torain (Star) speaks on Bobby Brown, Hov & Timbo, His near fist fight in Dollar General and more. Read More »

Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life

VIA ZenHabits.Net ************** Think about the major problems in your life — from anxiety to lack of regular exercise to a bad diet to procrastination and more. Pretty much every one of these problems is caused by a fear of discomfort. Discomfort isn’t intense pain, but just the feeling you get when you’re out of your comfort zone. Eating vegetables ... Read More »

Dom Kennedy – Erica Pt. 1 (Prod. By LORDQUEST)

I knew Dom was going to give us something (Even tho it’s mad short). It’s been too hot out this week not too. GET HOME SAFELY coming soon Read More »

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Oskee Mariotti – All My Life (Prod. Stereo_Symphony) Narrated by GLC

New sh!t from Oskee Mariotti outta Detroit. Shout out to Ye Ali wit the assist. Read More »

Runway Richy – Uh-Oh! (Hosted By DJ Holiday) (Mixtape)

debut mixtape from Zone 6 , Decatur, GA native Runway Richy (@itsRunwayRichy). The project, titled “Uh-Oh!,” is hosted by DJ Holiday (@DJHoliday) and presented by The Commission, Defient Ent. & Beer and Tacos. Runway Richy tapped Trae Tha Truth and Childish Major to create “Last Of A Dying Breed,” one of Richy’s favorite records to date. Other features include, B.o.B, Scotty ATL,SPOT and Playboy Tre. Download Mixtape ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Future Feat. Young Jeezy & Young Scooter – Birds Take A Bath

Read More »

Jay-Z Interview with Zane Lowe (VIDEO)

Jay talks to Zane Low about MCHG, Fame, Roc Nation, sports business, politics and more. Read More »

Troy Ave – Hot Out (Prod. By Scram Jones)

While Ave prepares to drop his new album, New York City, he gives us some music for these hot ass days we struggling in. Shout out to Troy Ave & The Whole BSB. Read More »

PUSH! – Daddy’s Girl (VIDEO)

New visual off PUSH! Black Roses project. Shout out to PUSH! & the whole MIB Read More »

The Conviction of Trayvon Martin and The Insignificance of Black Men in America (By @StreetzTalk)

One winter day, when I was around 15-16, me and a few friends were walking home from a routine store run. We walked alongside Jamaica Avenue in broad daylight. The street was bustling with the usual weekend commotion of shopkeepers selling items, men howling at women for some love and affection, and children like us just going about their day. ... Read More »

Dear Dap Man (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

Dear Dap Man, I’m sure your intentions are good but enough is enough. I don’t know your name or where you are from but yet you feel the need to come dap me up no matter what I am doing. How do you even know me? You once interrupted a conversation I was having with a very lusty looking female, ... Read More »

Monday Motivation (By @nccruzn)

A day and a dollar short, that is the result of complacency. Why live a life of mediocrity when the world of opportunity is at your finger tips. Complacently is hazardous to a fulfilling life. It starts small and snow balls into a life of “ what ifs.”Complacently will have you in a job that you and feeling unaccomplished. Complacency ... Read More »

Theme Song For The Day: Dru Down – Can you feel me

One of only 13 people in the world with a hairstyle like that but was still a goon. Read More »

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