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Yeezus Piece (By @dugb)

Yeezus Piece (By @dugb)

 social networking was a massacre today. kanye west’s entire body dismembered and spread across the internet, and as most could have predicted, the world was tore in two by the leak of the most anticipated album we may have ever seen. Yeezus.

 i’ve never seen so many people be creative with the word “trash”.. seen people from the neighborhood, who avoid the use of certain letters due to gang affiliation, using google translate to tweet swedish slander about an album i personally found unhatable. maybe its cause y’all into leo’s and we into trio’s. most of the dissent i’ve come to witness over ye’s latest cultural contribution mostly boils down to him pushing boundaries.. again. aren’t y’all sick of rappers lyrics reading like horoscopes? broad generalizations casually delivered over the beat style of the moment. nah, i’m good. i remember these criticisms after 808’s came out, then came drake. pause.

 i’m not jumping out the window with  “ye’s best work to date” tattoo’ed across my chest, mostly because tattoo’s are expensive, but also because i heard watch the throne. what i will say, is this is a new beginning for ye, for music. i was lucky enough to be there when the big black van turned the corner on 5th ave and stopped in front of prada the night new slaves premiered around the world. it was a moment i’ll probably tell my kids about, and by then it will seem such a redundant activity that they’ll arrogantly wave off my nostalgia apologizing to their friends for how dated their father is.

 but their father also got a damn massage, in a french ass restaurant, and was also convinced that he was a god. now, unlike kanye, shortly after i got back to my tiny apartment, my girl told me to take the trash down, and i realized this probably wasn’t how jesus was living, but for a small moment i could relate to these lyrics. you don’t want to hear kanye stunt for every last one of us that does go back to that suffocating living space? you don’t want your younger’s to know that it’s absolutely possible to escape their social class without losing their culture? i’m not exactly sure whats being hated here.

 oh it’s the music itself? trash lyrics.. trash production? maybe im just a fan. maybe rick rubin, daft punk, and hudson mohawke have all collaborated with kanye to put together… trash. maybe in our infinite wisdom as listeners we’ve come to expect much more than this… such as ….. well, you’re going to have to tell me, i’m still ignorant enough to really enjoy this album. one that defied all conventions. one that didn’t plaster a billboard on every corner, that didn’t place pop up ads on every hip hop blog, that didn’t have a radio single, that doesn’t really even have a radio song. only disappointment i do have is that i couldn’t find the album to pre-order before listening, but hopefully soon i can find a place to lend whatever dollar amount they decide this small piece of music history is worthy.

 ~ dugb

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