Nerd At The Cool Table



1. Bron getting his 2nd chip

2. Wawa Chicken Cheesesteak with Jalapenos, Ketchup and american cheese….whole thing toasted

3. Successfully flipping the cup over the first time in flip cup with the pressure on you

4. Your child  finally riding a bike without training wheels and watching them hit the streets wit their little crew

5. Camron’s Vine

6. Being cool with the mail man

7. When your side joint knows to DM first instead of texting

8. Good Girls who cheat

9. Getting your neighbors coupons in the mail

10. Shellhammers (Delaware sh*t)

11. Hov Signing Kevin Durant

12. Jay-Z

13. Shawn Carter

14. Smoke Dza being on the “Under The Influence Of Music” Tour


1. IG Video making lusty chicks want to show off their personality

2. Manu Ginobli

3. J Cole verse on Drake’s “Jodeci Back”

4. Never getting to see Sabu fight Shawn Micheals

5. Dollar Store hygiene products

6. Seeing the dirt under white and light skin girls heels when they wear flip flops

7. Paula Deen

8. Burger King

9. Loud talkers during blunt sessions

10. Wack Lo Mein

11. Hot Sauce leaking out the corner off ya Kennedy Fried box

12. Deep tweets from people with blurry avi’s

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