Nerd At The Cool Table



1. iOS 7

2. Jony Ive

3. Getting your whole Wawa sandwich toasted

4. Fireball Whiskey

5. The way Kanye is Promoting his album by not really promoting the album

6. AudioMack.Com

7. BigThink.Com

8. The old ScarlettsWorld.Com

9. Pinterest Recipes

10. Mizz DR Thighs

11. Vice on HBO

12. Bucket Hats


1. Yoga IG pics

2. The cost of Summer Camp

3. Tiago Splitter

4. Stack Bundles being gone

5. Kirk from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

6. Wale

7. Any porno site with the “Tube” in the name

8. Clean Jamaican food spots

9. Vine Porn

10. Ocho Cinco

11. Denzel doing a cop comedy with Mark Wahlberg

12. Odd Future Loiter Squad

One comment

  1. Vice is dope ! But that shit needs to be an hour long tho ! And yes Wale will never be dope , ever !

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