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Daily Archives: June 15, 2013

The Dark Side of the Relocation (By @TonyTuss)

So you took a vacation to a Miami, ATL or LA and had the time of your life!  The clubs were dope, the weather was perfect and everyone showed you love. You get home and your local spots can’t match LIV on Sunday, Magic City Monday or Greystone. So like a dope fiend you’re moving through the city chasing that Hollywood high. Now ... Read More »

Troy Ave x BSB Takeover Power 105 (VIDEO)

Troy Ave & BSB slide thru Power 105 to body DJ Self’s midnight mix Read More »

Movie Night: Trespass (1992)

This is a real n*gga classic right here. Ice T & Ice Cube in the same goddamn movie. You can’t lose. Trespass is about 2 white guys who find a map that leads them to a treasure in a factory….but little do they know the factory is in gang territory. Grab a 40 ounce, the person from twitter you finally ... Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: Petitely_

Leave “@Nerd_Nash sent me” in her comments Read More »

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