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Daily Archives: June 11, 2013

Stalk Her Instagram: Ryymk

Leave “@Nerd_Nash sent me” in her comments Read More »

Theodore Grams – Dogtown (VIDEO)

Off that Dog Whistle 2 mixtape. Shout out to Ozzy for the assist Read More »

Leave The Comfort Zone (By @Rubin2)

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – William Shedd Comfort zones are mental barricades that provide a sense of safety.  They are developed and sustained by gradually limiting ourselves based on our perceptions about our abilities, potential, power, and our sometimes false or misguided ideologies of the “possible” or “rational”. The ... Read More »

Ice Cream Man (EYE CANDY)



DOPE 1. iOS 7 2. Jony Ive 3. Getting your whole Wawa sandwich toasted 4. Fireball Whiskey 5. The way Kanye is Promoting his album by not really promoting the album 6. AudioMack.Com 7. BigThink.Com 8. The old ScarlettsWorld.Com 9. Pinterest Recipes 10. Mizz DR Thighs 11. Vice on HBO 12. Bucket Hats NOPE 1. Yoga IG pics 2. The ... Read More »

Kanye West – “I am a god” (Live @ Governers Ball, NYC)

I can’t wait for Yeezus to drop. Read More »

NBA 2k Preview (VIDEO)

Jesus. This sh1t looks crazy. Bad thing is I already know Bron is going to be unstoppable (Even more than he is in 2k13). I’m not playing against anyone who picks Miami. Read More »

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