Nerd At The Cool Table



1. Listening to someone and already know from the beginning of the conversation they’re full of sh1t

2. Section 80 (yup..Still)

3. The next 3 months for Nerd At The Cool Table as a Brand

4. A$AP Ferg “Work” Remix Song & Video

5. PayPal Debit Card

6. Phillips Buffet

7. Yaris teeth & Lips

8. Cari Champion lurking Instagram

9. The Violin solo at the end of “B*tch don’t kill my vibe”

10. Doughboyz Cashout – “Ghetto Gold”

11. Ted Debiase aura when he use to walk to the ring

12. The Red 9/11 40oz Van Hat


1. Hotels with smoke detectors that alert the front desk when you unplug them

2. Shots of Fireball whiskey when you’re already drunk

3. Delusional tales from Side Chicks

4. Fake comedians on Vine

5. Memphis Grizzlies

6. Chicks giving you the “F*ck the life out of me right now” look while your with your girl

7. Pandora Commercials

8. Swisher Sweet Cigarillos

9. Children growing up around racism

10. Restaurants without a variety of flavored lemonades


  1. Leaving this racist town, thanx for the nope on that one

  2. donnymontana808

    I love how DBCO has love shown on this site! Detroit stand up!

  3. Cannot stand when eeks do that. You know I am with my piece, don’t look at me like that. Smush kettle. I will destroy your cakes, but let me be alone, you have me taking you to BBQs (cuz only wifey go to Tao and Nobu, u sackbreaker).

    Good gems on this site..

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