Nerd At The Cool Table



1. Flo Rida & Future doing a song together

2. Yaris Sanchez IG pic in front of the Pizza Store (Go Look)

3. The Lil Wayne/Juelz “Can’t feel my face” advance mixtape

4. Nerd At The Cool Table Lighters (CoolTableSupply.Com)

5. The Eye Candy emails that are too explicit to post

6. Lighting a blunt right as the game starts

7. Fried Mac & Cheese from Cheesecake Factory

8. Blasting Drake – “5am in Toronto” when you’re drunk

9. Honey Cocaine

10. Chinese Store General Tso Chicken w/ White Rice

11. Doughboyz Cashout signing with Jeezy

12. Snoop Lion Interviews


1. Tennis

2. Mase “Double Up” Album

3. Your twitter crush Retweeting @PassPortCutty

4. Mixtape Trailers

5. JR Smith

6. The Matrix Revolutions

7. Somebody bringing up a topic you and your significant other were just arguing about right in front of yall

8. The thought of how wack ESPN will be after the NBA Playoffs

9. People posting pics of random blk comedians with a quote on IG

10. Squeezing 27 clips in one Vine posting

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