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Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 7 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 7 (By KevM3)

Shout out to KevM3 & The Whole Coli Movement.


The key to real success in dealing with women is mind control… The key is not in controlling HER mind, but it’s in controlling YOUR mind. You really have to keep your thoughts in check. Jesus said a man is what he thinks… and it’s true. You have to look at your mind as a garden and water the righteous thoughts and then weed out the negative thoughts.

When you start cultivating the proper thoughts, you will notice that what you think will have a huge effect on how you start interacting with women and others in general. Confidence itself comes from your thoughts. When you start getting your own thoughts under control, that’s when you really will start getting successful with women.

You have to water and give plenty of sunshine to the right thoughts and when you see a negative thought, realize it’s a weed and PULL it.

Thoughts that you continually repeat in your mind eventually crystalize into beliefs. It’s just like how you listen to certain music, and it slowly, but surely changes your vibe. At first, you have to start repeating, “I AM fly. I AM worthy of any woman. I CAN catch and KEEP a high quality woman for myself. I will NOT settle for less. I have to go get her if I want her.” in your mind. Do it every day and start feeling yourself and imagining yourself turning into the man you want to be and it will eventually become a thought that is ingrained in your mind. When you start having thoughts pop up like, “I can’t do this. Will she like me? How can I impress her? I’m not worthy of her. I’m not on her level.” You simply have to say, “Weed,” and pull that thought from your mind. When you start having this mindset, you will really start formulating a confident mindset. A confident man is one that is supremely attractive to a woman. Even some of the ugliest guys get fine women simply because they have a deep-rooted confidence. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to be foolishly confident and start becoming arrogant, but always consider yourself WORTHY of dealing with any woman and NEVER settle for a woman you really don’t want. It does her and you a disservice, one for her being with a man that doesn’t really love and want her deeply and two, you will have regrets.

Now, This is the fly man credo. I want you cats to write this down and every day, look at it, and repeat each one 10 times.
1) I AM worthy of any woman.
2) I will never settle for less.
3) I’m getting better in everyway everyday.
4) I’m a go-getter. I got to go catch the right one for me. She’s waiting for me. I got to get her.
5) If I lose one, there’s another one right around the corner.
6) I will pull the weeds. Negativity has ‘no thing on me.’
7) I got to keep my thoughts in check.

– Man the big key is to handle your business. When you get your business handled and you’re doing everything you need to be doing in life, the females will be coming out the woodwork. The problems in life start coming when you are in active female pursuit mode and you are in ‘I gotta have me a woman’ mode. You fill your mind with solid knowledge, get your financials right, have fun and don’t be no punk about anything and women will naturally be attracted to you. When you get to having that mentality of you deal with women at your leisure, then things will be much better.

– If you are one of those guys who spend all your time, money and resources dealing with women, you are going to be in dire straits. Enjoy women, but put them in the proper context and start handling your life business.

– The WRONG kind of woman is a dream killer. In this day and age, unfortunately, only a few women were really shown how to get behind her man and to really help propel him to handle business and to make his house a home. Now, it’s more about two competitors. The right kind of woman will really help you achieve your goals and will do it without nagging, complaining and a host of other things. Those are rare.

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