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Emoji Readings

Emoji Readings


Looking at your emojis I can tell you’re living life too fast. Pills, Beer, Cigarettes, weed, shrooms…. the turn up emoji. The Bananna & Cherry Emoji’s also concern me.

Everything ok? Is their something serious that you’re dealing with in your life right now? Emoji’s don’t lie. You’re dealing with some demons.

Drugs & Sex are only temporary fixes Katie. The pain will still be there. Turn down and get it together.


Nothing really different here. You’re the typical chick that uses mad smiley emojis. This tells me you text your friends alot and you group text alot. You have a boyfriend and/or a “him” (Maybe both) that u text all the time and you flood him/them with emoji’s. Hopefully you’re not on twitter using all of these because it’s a proven fact that only hoes go emoji crazy on twitter.

Maybe you need to start living a little (not as much as katie though). Start seeing the world and meeting new people so your recent emoji’s can be a little more diverse.


I’m skip right over the first row and focus on the other two. The eye emoji instantly lets me know you’re sneaky. Only sneaky people use that. Then you have 2 emoji’s that consist of a tongue…right next to the sneaky eyes. This tells me you’re a sneaky freak jawn. Not a bad thing tho. That’s your business.

What worries me is the gun, cop car, siren, cop emoji and the dust at the end. Classy women don’t commit crimes (Unless you from Brooklyn). Or maybe you’re dating a criminal who’s always coming in contact with police….

Or maybe you’re dating a cop…


SMFH. I’m disgusted.

Spring/Summer is right around the corner and you’re stuffing your fat face with hamburgers, Pizza and worst of all bread?!?! Then you have the nerve to have a airplane emoji???

Get your health in order before you plane of flying to any island.


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