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A Conversation with @Al_Patron (By @KeepItRealCole)

A Conversation with @Al_Patron (By @KeepItRealCole)

The 1st book from Al Patron is exactly what the inside of his head looks like when he’s being honest. From politics, women, Jesus and even Oprah, there is nothing off limits. You’ll be entertained while having your thoughts provoked in ways you’ve never imagined.

Some of you may be familiar with my “Keep It Real” posts, some of you may not. Most, if not all, of you know I support anybody that’s doing their own thing and doing it well. So when I heard my guy Al Patron had a book in the works, I got right to work… I mean hell, when’s the last time someone you knew was writing a book?? Don’t worry. I’ll wait… Anyways, I was able and thankful to get a chance to speak with the big homie about his upcoming book, “Thirds Eye View” and ask him some questions. You want a peek inside the mind?

You got it.

KeepItRealCole: For those that don’t know:  Who is Al Patron, what does Al Patron do & where does Al Patron reside?

Al Patron: Al Patron is God, he runs the universe and resides in heaven. I kid I kid. AL patron is a Haitian with a set of balls, he writes in satire for the most part and he’s from Jamaica, Queens, NY.

KeepItRealCole: So if Al is God, and Jay-Z is Christ, then that means… Dah. The Illuminati really is deeply embedded. I got it now.

Al Patron: You didn’t hear that from me.

What made you want to write a book? Most people these days want to be a rapper, producer, blogger, anything they can be over a wi-fi connection. Not many people wake up wanting to write a book…

I wanted to have something shiny with my name on it. Seriously, I just wanted to share some some uninterrupted thoughts.

If you had to categorize the thoughts in “Thirds Eye View” in one sentence…

Eclectic with a hint of bi-polar.

Most “social networkers” may know you from your guest blogs on Nerd’s and so forth… What’s going to be a difference people notice from one of your blog posts to your own book?

Nerd gave me a platform to do my thing without filter and I’ll always appreciate that but in a book, I know I have the readers attention before they want to click on another link on gift & curse of writing on a popular site.

Did the blogs start the idea for a book or vice versa?

I’ve been writing blogs since MySpace and I 1st got the idea to write a book when Vince Young’s Texas team upset USC. I wrote a story about that game and started writing a book about it but I got sidetracked.

Obviously you read quite a bit, or one could assume you keep yourself educated and cultured… Are there any books that shaped or inspired the way you pieced together this book?

[New York] Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey wrote an autobiography “Wherever I Wind Up” and his honesty was refreshing. I was planning on dropping this novel I was working on 1st but I decided to go with Thirds Eye View because there’s A LOT of truth in there that I really wasn’t comfortable sharing before.

Because of how people would perceive the truth or perceive the messenger?

How they would digest the truth. Everybody wants the truth until someone keeps it real. No pun intended.

“Thirds Eye View” is an interesting title… What made you decide that was the one you wanted to go with?

Oddly enough, it was a Steve Harvey stand-up special from ’09 or ’10 and he broke down what that third eye was like. “Thirds Eye View” is an obvious play on “Birds Eye View” and I just like the way it sounds.

“Third Eye Awareness” and his “ultimate introduction” if I remember right… Some can’t handle seeing the world through two eyes, explain to the audience what it’s like seeing it with three?

It’s spooky because most people think about the result, I think about how and why we got there. I wish I could turn this shit off sometimes because it makes me sceptical of everything and everybody. Other times it’s really dope because I can laugh at shit most people won’t.

What, if any, difficulties or adversities did you come across while writing “Thirds Eye View”?

Back to the honesty thing, I’m not concerned about the general public as much as I am with people closest to me reading this and thinking “shit, he’s fucking nuts”

So “Thirds Eye View” is a side of you that really not many people have seen at all I take it?

People who know me and not of me understand who & how I am. If anything it’s a no holds barred look into my head. Right or wrong but then again who’s to say what I think about is wrong?

What was the most memorable part about writing “Thirds Eye View”? What did YOU get to take away from writing this book?

That I’m one selfish prick. Jay-Z Christ said “success is like suicide” now whether the book is successful or not remains to be seen but staying to myself killed a lot of relationships. I alienated myself a lot but the thing about me is that I can handle it. It’s so fucking weird to seclude yourself from the very society you’re writing about. But I managed.

That sounds eerily similar to a life I know all too well… Would you have done it all any other way?

Only thing I regret is how I treated some people. They didn’t deserve the asshole side of me but hindsight is always 20/20

Is there a chapter in “Thirds Eye View” that took more from you to write than the others?

Four Letters, a chapter about relationships changed so many times because of the changes in my personal relationships. If I was happy, you’d think I wrote it by a candle light with Sade singing to me. When I was angry or whatever, you’d think I was writing this from the stone age. I think the outcome was an honest balance.

An honest balance is tough to come by these days… You’ve said you have ideas/titles for future books. Any information as to those ones at all?

My 2nd book is being edited as we speak. It’s titled “Sex, Murder and Mayhem: Romance for the Streets” Obviously my Stan stance for Jay-Z Christ knows no shame. It’s a novel, slated to be out 2/14/13. I’ll say this, you will be emotionally invested in the story.

I call Hov the GOAT and I get ridiculed for it. We stand strong… Interesting. Based on a true story or is it your third eye gone wild?

Have you ever seen a parental advisory emblem on a book before? That’s my final answer.

When people finish the final chapter and close “Thirds Eye View”, what do you want or hope they walk away from it with?

I think they’ll walk away being refreshed, angry, laughing, happy, who knows? Anything they want to take from it is their prerogative. It’s like music or art, everybody doesn’t like Kendrick Lamar, a lot of people do. We can stare at the same painting and see 81 different things and that’s the beauty of art, it’s your third eye at work; this book was mine.

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