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See The Problem Is… (By @BoxdenFresco)

See The Problem Is… (By @BoxdenFresco)

See the problem is n!ggas still can’t pump a even number at the gas tank. Why is that so tough for you bruh? You can’t just pump $30 even, why do you keep getting that extra $.01 bruh?? That tells me your timing, hand and eye coordination, and focus are all outta place. You got real work to do. You need a revival bruh. You need to be rebaptized bruh. Every time I’m at the station I just see some nigga trying I get that even number and they never can. That hurts me bruh. Deadass makes me feel down in the dumps. But what can I do but ask for a heavenly hand to be placed on the nigga’s soul? Everybody gotta focus and pick up a jump rope bruh. Get ya timing and coordination right and as a bonus you will be able to dunk by summer too. Just listen to me and do everything I do and we all will prosper. Can’t pump an even number smfh. Sad times….

– @boxdenfresco

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