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Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 5 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 5 (By KevM3)

What really makes it so difficult is that a lot of the women America is reaping are really not worth the time. People love to use those bitter, angry or fearful labels when you point out what’s really going on, but the reality is THEY are the ones who are bitter, angry and fearful that the beautiful fantasy they’ve concocted in their mind doesn’t exist and they have to face the ugly truth. But facing the ugly truth is the only way you can really keep yourself protected out here and to deal with the root of the problem.

What men ultimately have to choose from is a field of highly promiscuous women with no sort of loyalty and brings nothing more to the table than what’s between her legs– which she is already sharing with tons of men outside of a relationship. On the other hand, you get a whole load of liabilities on your plate as well as the real risk of losing a lot of the wealth you accumulated prior to meeting her.

Let’s be REAL here. How many men actually enjoy the conversations they’ve had with the majority of women that didn’t deal with flirting and things of that nature? How many men can say, “Man, Sharice was hilarious. She always makes me laugh and always keeps me entertained.” Occasionally you may find an enjoyable conversation but most of the times, your conversations with women will evolve around something about celebrities or what HER problems for the day are, who she hates, who hates her, etc.

When’s the last time a woman took off your coat or cooked you dinner? When’s the last time she washed your car or clothes? When’s the last time she just gave you a massage or did anything really positive without you prompting her? When is the last time you looked at some other guy in a relationship and said man, his woman is REALLY holding him down and improving his life? More often than not, you probably had a smirk on your face like if only he knew what she was doing at the club this past weekend or man, if he only knew how she used to get down.

Now, when you get a woman, what advantage do you really gain? So many women are going to give that thing up to a man they met within a week or month and even without a relationship. It could just be a dude she found attractive while she was out. And the crazy thing is that while she’s doing that, she will deal with some other guy who she wants something longer term with because that dude will allow himself to be used as her emotional and financial sponge, and she will play the whole celibate, waiting game with him while she’s letting some other guy blaze it out in the background.

Now, when you DO get in a relationship with her, there’s a high probability she is still probably giving up that sex outside the confines of a relationship. On the other hand, you have to spend money on holidays and her birthday or she’ll complain. You have to show her this mystical right amount of attention or else you’re being neglectful, which prompted her to cheat. If you show her too much attention, you were boring and smothering her, which caused her to cheat.

You have to be the one listening to her problems, but you shouldn’t offer solutions because she ‘just wants someone to listen…’ Only for her to do the SAME EXACT THING that caused her the problem in the first place and then she wants to drain your emotions again complaining about the exact same repercussion for that action. That’s what I was talking about with the emotional vampire/rest haven ordeal. These women willingly choose to engage in the same activities that continue to cause the problems, they KNOW about it, but they want to keep on doing it, but use a man’s time and resources to bail them out until they recuperate so they can go right back to doing the same old thing.

On the other hand, if you tell her about your problems, then you are weak and she will leave you. Now if she is down on her financial situation, you need to ‘be a man’ and step up and support the load until she gets on her feet. On the other hand, watch what happens if you lose your job and remain unemployed for months and ask her to carry the load for a while. You will become a ‘little boy’ in her mind real quick and she will probably leave you.

You better be her protector and man up when she’s mouthing off, talking trash to some guy because she knows you are there. you better ‘man up’ and learn to handle her bipolar emotional states, because she’s a woman and you need to know how to ‘handle her.’ Don’t question her on all her male ‘homies’ she keeps around or else you’re not being trusting of her and you’re being insecure. Oh yeah, who can forget the little random tests? You forgot to check her when she changed the radio station in your car without asking? You’re obviously not a man that takes control… but you do take control? You’re too controlling and won’t let her breathe. These women pretty much want to do what they want, but always find a way to blame you for whatever happens. You’re too controlling, you’re not controlling enough. You pay me too much attention. You don’t pay me enough attention. I want you to respect me as an equal. You won’t support me while I take time off work or pay for my school? You won’t pay for my dinner? You need to ‘man up’ and handle those responsibilities. You don’t want to sign a pre-nup? You must be waiting for this relationship to fail. On the other hand, you better not make less than me because she won’t marry you.

Now what happens if you DO tie the knot? The problem is that when she ‘gets her locks in you’, the problems only escalate for most men. She may have been fine and sweet when you met her, but she gets too comfortable around you and blows up, gaining a 100 lbs. That sweet and cheerful personality can turn cold and distant or fiery, bitter and angry in a hurry. Oh yeah, you don’t want to deal with it anymore? You divorce and you have to give her half on top of paying her streams of money such as child support and alimony. After you do that, she moves in that other dude she was dealing with behind your back inside the house you are paying for and never marries him so she can keep on getting payments from you. Have fun being a ‘starter husband’.

What really boggles my mind is how ungrateful a lot of these women are. You do them a favor and they don’t appreciate it, but will act mad when you don’t give them another favor… especially if you ask them for a favor and they turn ‘busy’ all of a sudden. You might take them to dinner and pay for it, but they will still complain because the restaurant wasn’t expensive enough for them and beneath their worth. She better be glad she got a free meal. Let’s be real. You roll through the drive-thru of popeyes with your potnas and say, “I got this, don’t worry about it.” and they’ll appreciate that and be like I got you the next go around. You take a woman you’re dating to some decent restaurant, but it’s somehow beneath her. How someone who really brings so little worth to a relationship can have such high demands is hilarious. What’s a trip is that these women think their vagina and conversations are really some kind of treat when billions of other women have the same thing. The only reason they are able to act like that is because the abundant supply of simp negroes who go for that and give her the ok. These women aren’t looking for fairness. They are looking for the best deal possible and will take it and run all over you if you let them.

The real about America is that a huge portion of these western women have been brainwashed through tv and a variety of feminist sources and are not relationship-worthy. You try to be a responsible man to them and you will get cheated on and your assets taken while she gives them to another guy. It actually pays to be irresponsible when dealing with these women. You don’t really have to take them to dinner, but know how to talk to them and to deal with them. Don’t be responsible. Be aloof, have multiple women you are talking to, never commit, etc. You get rewarded by having that attitude, but the sad thing is that that’s an attitude that is detrimental to society as a whole and towards building a family. We are living in a sweet generation of dealing with women who have numerous kids by multiple baby daddies, have little to no loyalty, are hard-pressed to do household tasks without prompting, but will actually be rewarded generously even if they cheat on you if you happen to let them hook you.

Is it any wonder now why I say I’m not too worried about ‘having’ a woman? I’m doing my best to live a Godly life, so smashing a bunch of whores and playing the playboy role is out of the picture. Attempting to be a decent guy and find a woman to start a family with? Come on now. Me, I really don’t like to be gotten over on. As I said before, the best time when dealing with most of these western women is the first month to three months when you are engaging in the thrill of the hunt and she’s still on her best behavior. Once she gets comfortable around you, then here comes the hidden drug problems, the male homies, the bipolar personality, the disloyalty., etc. When I was younger and more naive, I had the energy to put up with it, but now I don’t. As much as I’d like to find a great woman to start a family with, the game has gotten so bizarre and stupid that I don’t even really concern myself with it much anymore. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing and I certainly don’t have that when having to deal with many of these western women and their 1,000 problems.

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