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Kanye West’s Breakdown Rant  Decoded (By @OzzyStarDust)

Kanye West’s Breakdown Rant Decoded (By @OzzyStarDust)

WARNING: This is an article for readers, thinkers, music/art lovers and appreciators(Some may say I’m looking to deep into this stuff, but fuck it it’s the weekend I ain’t got shit to do today, proud #LonelyTweeter plus I don’t get high so imma discuss musical art on Nerd’s site.  Weird people like myself are always on there looking for the gems and out of the box discussion topics maybe people will @ me wanting me to discuss this to distract me during the week and get me through work & school struggle at least till Wednesday).

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 Did Kanye West Breakdown?  My take on it is that West used some incredibly dope wordplay mixed with an original delivery at his impromptu performance in London’s Hammersmith Apollo this past Saturday night.  The message he was trying to relay to his fans from my perspective, was that he’s not with the exploitation of our culture anymore, and that he’s ready to protect the authenticity of his art with his soul.  This is the true definition of not selling out.  Do y’all listen to the rants or do y’all just skim through it? Ha.

“Creativity Fuels EVERYTHING”.

Real art depicts history as it is happening.  Art, whether it was hieroglyphics, sculptures, structures, poetry, or prose passed down through generations, were ways we communicated and learned about the history of the world before there were books, the internet, Wikipedia and the rumored “Illuminati”.

All you conspiracy theorist can have your suspicions about the evils of the illuminati and its global dominance, but I’ve seen a different kind of symbolism in Kanye’s rant/sermon on top of London’s Mount Hammersmith’s Apollo. I’ll keep it simple though because “If I talk about God my blog won’t get read, Huh?”

Kanye practiced brevity in the few metaphors he delivered as a form of symbolism flawlessly.  The essence of poetry that hip-hop was built on, he was trying to bring back the choir by channeling his Jesus sermon on the mount last night LOL.

“Every GOOD tree produces FINE fruit, but every ROTTEN tree produces Worthless fruit.”

Basically meaning if you’re art is created with good intentions there is no need for you to reach out to the wolves in sheep clothing for advertisement funds, because it will be appreciated and seen as you intended it to be seen in the first place.  When you chose not to notice the fangs on that weird looking sheep and compromised your authenticity for the money they promised you, that’s when you have sold out.

“Remind me again why we in this shit.  Since when was making music/art about getting rich?”

He’s publically praying to God begging for forgiveness for producing bad fruits (meaningless music), when he was born to produce good ones (thought provoking musical art) simultaneously releasing the guilt from his conscious.
A guilty conscious is a heavy price to pay; the reason being is because that’s with you even in your most peaceful state as a human, which is sleep.  Dreams tell a lot homie.  Nightmares tell the most truth because the truth is ugly.  It’s ugly in order to keep the weak from it, but inside the truth is so beautiful and freeing.

“Every niggas tryna get rich. Every rapper tryna get rich.  And every rapper always rapping about fucking somebody else bitch.”

The mainstream songs in this genre are mostly all about the same old redundant bullshit. The music industry is using this confused love of money formally recognized as “greed” to get artist to compromise their art; which is basically a form of selling out.  What you decide to put out in this world defines you, whether it is your actions, thoughts, profession, or family life. These are all part of your image and how the jury in the sky will judge you when the time comes.  You can sell that image for cheap riches (i.e. the man made paper dollar, that will depreciate in time), or you can go for that which God made such as incomparable gold.  The message being to preserve your image, an artist remembered for music with cathartic qualities, and not for putting out bullshit.

It’s cool to have the fan base and lane to express your art but what’s the point if your strings are getting pulled telling you that you have to tweak it to get out a message that they want out, sounds like slavery to me.

West trying to remind us that we as people are trying to accomplish greatness for all the wrong reasons (i.e. wanting to get rich and fuck a fine phat ass chick), I mean that’s every man’s dream is it not?  But why are we in this life?  Isn’t it to do our part as individuals, and not to follow the masses through the road most traveled?  “The road to the light is the narrow path”, the unoriginal are taking the obvious path because they’ve observed many others before them greatly benefit from the meaningless things we were brought up to idolize, by taking the easy route.  We have to remember that we were born with nothing and when we die we can’t bring anything with us. The only option we have is to do what we love and leave a great legacy.

 “We all gonna die someday. So I’mma live my life my way.”

You can only be who you are and that should be enough.  You designed yourself.  You have the choice to choose what you want to contribute to the world.  Who cares if people don’t think it’s cool.  Cool was unique and original before it became a commodity for at the expense of a developing lost generation.
The key to being successful is devotion to your goals along with self-sufficiency,  you don’t NEED anybody to put your plans in motion but yourself and the resources you have.  Passion over business.

“Real niggas don’t live too long in this shit!”

Now that Kanye’s found his way he’s asking for the strength and endurance to continue to do things his way, and not let the love of money tempt him anymore. Real niggas know u can’t keep it too real in this these times.  You’ll either get black balled or die due to your own self destructive habits.   West probably won’t easily succumb to the temptations of gluttonous wealth now seeing as how his pockets are already morbidly obese and the loss his mother may have killed that appetite.

I once read “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love you will go astray of the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains,” this easier said than done because having money not everything but not having it is.

“I lost my mother fuckin momma! So I could give a fuck about your comments!  I promise.”

That line alludes to the fact that the only real opinion he respected was from his mom which is the same person that he would play his music for and at times when he strayed from what was pure, she would say to him “Now Kanye you know that’s not you, be real to your artistic voice.”  Ironically she passed away too early because of the temptation to have a more attractive younger body.  He’s trying to remember why artists want to be artists in the first place, and the answer’s not to be rich and famous.

Man makes things, but when they channel their inner God by keeping the message righteous and true to their soul those things then become art; a memory of a human ascending burned into your brain.

Real artists don’t care what others think;  I mean we do but fuck it if you don’t get it,  that’s completely cool with us because we’re pleased enough to put it out and its liberating that we did it our way. Artist love to say “Haha. Fuck you. I knew it would work my way”.  It’s our life and to be completely happy you gotta live it righteously in your way.

So yes, I believe all the criticisms by people and the pain caused by the corporations having him compromise his art caused him to have one of those historically epic cut off his own ear breakdowns.  In doing so he gave the world one of the greatest breakdowns of all time. ALL TIME.  In a classic Superfly Louis Vuitton Don fashion.  He planned this because now he knows we’re in an age where you don’t need corporate ran T.V. or radio to get your musical art heard.  I guarantee that is a lot less painful and more conducive than going all H.A.M. Van Goh style.

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