Nerd At The Cool Table
Dope Or Nope

Dope Or Nope


1. Tahiry Thighs

2. Ray Lewis winning another Ring

3. Emails that are actually important

4. The Rock

5. Beyonce halftime performance

6. Ignoring DM’s

7. Paul Pierce still busting people ass while moving in super slow motion

8. Still being scared of your parents

9. Storing people in your contacts under “nope” and not knowing which “nope” is calling but not caring

10. National Geographic Instagram account


1. Gucci Mane speaking to elementary school kids

2. Keyshia Cole

3. Boobie Gibson

4. Trinidad James

5. Hookah Pics

6. Sporting events in New Orleans

7. The photographer Lil Wayne pressed

8. Fast and the Furious 6

9. Having to do a home invasion just to get your girl a bag

10. Everybody wearing American Flag print

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