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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

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Kanye West’s Breakdown Rant Decoded (By @OzzyStarDust)

WARNING: This is an article for readers, thinkers, music/art lovers and appreciators(Some may say I’m looking to deep into this stuff, but fuck it it’s the weekend I ain’t got shit to do today, proud #LonelyTweeter plus I don’t get high so imma discuss musical art on Nerd’s site.  Weird people like myself are always on there looking for the ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Most Don’t Become Wealthy (Video)

This old white man sees you running on the wing and he’s throwing the ball right off the backboard. It’s all on you after that. Read More »

Troy Ave – Karate Chop (Keymix)

Awww man Troy Ave has so much fire lined up to come out in the very near future it’s insane. This is going to be a great year. Here’s a quick Karate Chop Keymix to hold you down until the takeover begins. Don’t forget to check Ave out at SOB’s March 7th. I’ll be there. Read More »

Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 6 (By KevM3)

SHOUT OUT TO KEVM3 & EVERYONE OVER AT THE COLI *** There are two keys to most women, especially in this day and age. They love attention and they are easily bored. Let’s also couple that with the knowledge that women find it hard to keep themselves entertained, so entertainment is another avenue that women are largely dependent on men ... Read More »

More from the Supreme Gem Dropper Umar Johnson (Video)

Looks like my man Umar will be here regularly just like Patrice O Neal, Paul Mooney and Ric Flair Read More »

Discomfort Zone: How to Master the Universe

This is the ONLY place online you can find a post like this right after a post about pimping. Give me my flowers while im still here. Via Leo Babauta & ZenHabits.Net ********** Of all the skills I’ve learned in the past 7 years of changing my life, one skill stands out: Learning to be comfortable with discomfort. If you ... Read More »

Young Scooter Feat. Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman – Street Lights (Video)

Juiceman back. Off Young Scooter’s Street Lottery mixtape. Read More »

Wink Loc – Locomotive 3 (Mixtape)

Finally, Wink Loc gives us his highly anticipated project, Locomotive 3. With features from PUSH!, Smoke Dza, Pusha T and more this should be exactly what everyone has been waiting for. DOWNLOAD: Wink Loc – Locomotive 3 (Mixtape) Read More »

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Lobster & Shrimp (EYE CANDY)


Future & French Montana – Down & Out

I’m telling you right now…..when this French Montana & Future tape drops It’s a f*cking wrap. The project will be named Medusa but i’m calling it Coke Wave 2.5 Free Max B Read More »

Troy Ave Interview w/ Xclusives Zone (Video)

After his show on saturday Troy Ave kicks it with Xclusives Zone and speaks on linking up with Pusha T & Fabolous, his upcoming New York City album and more. Read More »

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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

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Troy Ave – Lord As My Witness (Video)

Another visual from Troy Ave’s Brick In My Backpack 3 masterpiece. If you haven’t already checked that out make sure you download it now. Also, get ready for his next project, New York City, dropping this spring. Shout out to the whole BSB Read More »

Black History Month: Get rid of it or Keep it? (By @EssentialTwist)

Fux Black History Month: At 21 years old, I’ve come to the conclusion, like many others have, that it’s time to eliminate Black History Month. Quite simply, I see absolutely no purpose in it and it feels as though that by continuing it, it holds the people that are supposed to be celebrated during that time, back. I remember the ... Read More »

Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett – Don’t Look Any Further video UNAPPRECIATION

Watched this video at 6am and the tears were flowing until at least 10 am. Funniest/worst video ever. Dennis Edwards fast in the first few seconds of this video is classic footage. Word to his tender eye wink. His aura is full of finesse from start to finish. This is the bullsh1t that turned our aunts and uncles out. Shout ... Read More »

It’s all about Simplifying.

N*ggas be doing too much. That’s a fact. But what if we started just cooling out? What if we stopped being extra and just kept it simple? Leo Babauta via ZenHabits.Net gives us some game on simplifying. Shout out to Joseph Parker for the assist. ****** The tendency of life in our society is to become more complicated: Internet, television, ... Read More »

8 Ways to Be a Courageous Leader

Via Inc.Com ***** Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.–Winston Churchill I was standing in front of the boardroom, my last slide up on the screen. Everyone knew what was coming. “Is that all you marketing $#*!s know how to do,” my CEO lashed out, “cut ... Read More »

Wiz Khalifa on New TGOD projects, Album w/ Curren$y (Video)

Here’s the last clip from Wiz’s interview with Hard Knock TV. Here he talks about the long awaited album with Curren$y, Taylor Gang projects and more. Read More »

Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest (Video)

Best Dunk Contest performance ever Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows

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Passport Cutty’s Side Piece Day Advice (Video)

The legendary “Hoe Coach” Passport Cutty chops it up with Cipha Sounds about being a side chick and the rules that come with it. Read More »

What Happens When White People Are Finally Othered: JenthePen vs Raqi (By @Ladylex02139)

Last week on Love and Hip Hop NY, after arguing with Raqi Thunda about the dissolution of their radio show that never quite happened, Jen “the Pen” Bayer let her white privilege show. From the street Raqi, an Algerian-Puerto Rican Muslim, jabs “Good luck getting on!”. To which Jen responds, from her chauffeured car, window half closed, “I’m white, honey. ... Read More »

Troy Ave in March/April issue of XXL

The dream is getting real for Troy Ave and yes I’m going to remind yall every day that NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com told yall this was going to happen years ago. Shout out to Troy Ave, Hovain & the whole BSB. Read More »

Jose Guapo – Cash Talk 3 (Mixtape)

Here’s a new mixtape from one of the hottest artist in Atlant, Joe Guapo. Features include Young Scooter, Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Shawty Lo and more. DOWNLOAD: Jose Guapo – Cash Talk 3 (Mixtape) Read More »

EZ White – Makin My Name

Shout out to the boy EZ White Read More »

Patrice O’ Neal interview 8 days before his death

This was an interview Patrice did on Scott Yager’s podcast, just 8 days before his stroke. To me, this is one of Patrice’s most riveting interviews, because the host had the good sense to shut up and let Patrice talk, without interruption. It’s mesmerizing. I could listen to him talk all day. Read More »

Supreme Gem Dropper: Umar Johnson on Obama and more (Video)

Man listen….. Look Umar Johnson up on youtube and I promise you will be stuck for hrs. Supreme gem dropper. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

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KarmaloopTV Presents … “Munchies” w/ 40oz Van (Video)

The snapback king 40oz Van brings KarmaloopTV uptown to grab some Chopped Cheese and other munchies. Read More »

SPOT – “Pray For You” Trailer

Here’s the official trailer to the video for “Pray For You”, directed by A Dreamers Visual,  off SPOT’s The Price Iz Right mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. Be on the lookout for his next tape The Book Of Speez and a collaborative project with Atlanta rapper Jose Guapo Read More »

Lewi V Beatz – “Making The Beat” Episodes 1, 2 & 3 (Video)

Check out my young bro Lewi V Beatz put together magic from scratch. Make sure you follow him on twitter .. @LewiVBeatz Read More »

Mike Tyson Tells All (Video)

Shout out to my boy @JosephAParker Read More »

Quick Little Gems On Dealing With Women Pt. 5 (By KevM3)

What really makes it so difficult is that a lot of the women America is reaping are really not worth the time. People love to use those bitter, angry or fearful labels when you point out what’s really going on, but the reality is THEY are the ones who are bitter, angry and fearful that the beautiful fantasy they’ve concocted ... Read More »

Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ Hardknock TV (Video)

Wiz Khalifa chops it up with Hardknock TV about how he’s preparing for fatherhood, Skateboarding and more. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows

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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

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Dope Or Nope

Dope 1. Tahiry Thighs 2. Ray Lewis winning another Ring 3. Emails that are actually important 4. The Rock 5. Beyonce halftime performance 6. Ignoring DM’s 7. Paul Pierce still busting people ass while moving in super slow motion 8. Still being scared of your parents 9. Storing people in your contacts under “nope” and not knowing which “nope” is ... Read More »

The Grilled Cheese Party @ Atmos NYC (Video)

My brother Wayno, along with his Reebok team put together another successful Grilled Cheese Party last week. Make sure you come by the next party on the 25th of this month at SOB’s. Read More »

Stop worrying about Rich Dollaz & Olivia and read this

Let this book take you from a indecisive punk to a strategic savage. (Peeped this on @Sickamore Instagram page) **** Whether you’re a newly minted MBA, a chronic second-guesser, or just someone eager for a new vantage point, The Decision Book presents fifty models for better structuring, and subsequently understanding, life’s steady challenges. Interactive and thought-provoking, this illustrated workbook offers ... Read More »

The Nasty Boys Vs. The Steiner Brothers @ Halloween Havoc (Video)

Classssssssssssic sh1t right here. Read More »

How to Leave A Legacy

Via ******* One of the strange bewilderments of business is why so many entirely competent leaders finish their leadership journey without leaving behind much of a trace, while others–not necessarily more brilliant–leave behind a legacy. What is it about some leaders that enables them not only to make an impact during their careers, but to continue to change how ... Read More »

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Started From Her Bottom (EYE CANDY)


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