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Why Tahiry Is The Cool Chicks’ New Favorite Cool Chick (By @Rebel_witacause)

Why Tahiry Is The Cool Chicks’ New Favorite Cool Chick (By @Rebel_witacause)

When I first heard that Tahiry was gonna appear on Season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop,” I wasn’t really all that excited. We all knew through the Instagram and Twitter grapevine that Kaylin and Joe Budden were an item, and that he and Tahiry were old news. Yeah–Tahiry was still doing her urban modeling thing…and every now and then, you’d hear a rumor about her dealing with some industry dude; but I really didn’t expect to see anything all that interesting from shorty.

Ten minutes into the first episode, I knew that I had drastically underestimated her. I think a lot of people did.

Yeah, yeah…Tahiry can get out of control quickly–I mean, she flipped over a table in the first half hour of the season, for Christ sakes!  Lol.  But there are a few reasons that Tahiry has captured the hearts of chicks that aren’t typically easily impressed.

1. It sounds simple, but Tahiry has a look that most women really respect. She’s a cute chick, but not overly made up. Her face isn’t all guant and high fashion looking. It’s a “regular” pretty face–one which she is obviously comfortable with, and doesn’t feel the need to smother with makeup. This adds a charm and a genuineness to Tahiry. Plus, her body is all natural! And what a body it is!   Yeah, I’ve heard a couple of people comment that they saw cellulite on her booty, but what do they expect? Any real ass that is that fat is gonna have a little bit of cellulite on it. That’s part of being a woman! And you can tell she works hard to keep that ass in shape! She is 100% physically authentic.  Few chicks in (or outside of) the industry can say that these days.

2. We all see why Tahiry was wifey. She is loyal, and regardless of what their current romantic status is–you can tell that she really cares about Joe. Any real chick knows that truly loving a nigga doesn’t always mean that everything is strawberries and champagne. Sometimes–when you really love a nigga, you gotta give him that tough love, or step away for your own sanity and protection. But you can tell that if/when it really counts, she has always, and probably will always have that dude’s back. What chick ain’t gonna respect that? We all got that one dude.

3. Tahiry don’t “piss on you and call it rain.” We saw Tahiry make what her friends thought were questionable decisions in terms of kicking it with Joe/entertaining the “Budden banter.” (We all been there too.) But this is the dope sh*t: 1. She acknowledged that it might be dumb, and that she shouldn’t hypothetically be doing it; and 2. She didn’t front about WHY she was doing it. She wanted to. They had history. She’s still a little soft on the nigga and felt like they had some unresolved issues. I respect a chick that is real about her sh*t. No excuses–this is what it is, just because it is! No lame ass justifications or rationalizations.

4. Tahiry got a real job! As simple as this sounds, it was SUPER refreshing to see a video vixen/reality t.v. star working at an actual regular person’s job! This not only makes her more relatable, but more respectable. She is about her money, and is not relying exclusively upon the industry (which can be financially fickle at times) to do what she needs to do to take care of herself. I am SURE Tahiry can be a “kept” chick if she wanted to. But she is working at a restaurant in New Jersey. Salute.

5. Tahiry isn’t afraid to follow her instincts when it comes to “shady goings-on.” The entertainment industry can be super tricky–especially when it comes to trusting thirsty ass chicks around your industry dude (and vice versa). But some chicks can be intimidated into not saying something when they feel some kind of way about a particular chick or circumstance for fear of coming off as insecure. Tahiry didn’t give a hell HOW she came off when she decided to stop fu*kin with Raqi Thunda. And based on how Raqi was acting in the first two episodes, I see why Tahiry felt some kind of way. That’s right mama! Don’t let these niggas (or bishes) get you thinking that everything is sweet when you suspect that it really ain’t!  And even when Raqi pulled the “insecure” card on her–which I knew she would–Tahiry was unphased, like, “whatever–maybe I should’ve confronted you, but I didn’t soooo….” Lol.

6. We understand Tahiry’s ratchetidy. Even though she takes it a lil far sometimes–and clearly ain’t scared to throw a glass–we understood her anger in those moments (in contrast to reality stars like Evelyn Lozada who was ready to throw a bottle if you ordered the wrong kind of wine). We ALL have ratchet moments–some of us more than others.  But if a woman can relate to what makes another chick go there, she is less likely to judge. (You see you never heard anyone talk bad about Tiger’s wife, and she went IN on Tiger with her White ass!)

7. Tahiry is a grown ass woman about her business. She has acknowledged messing with a few celebs–most notably rapper Fabolous, NBA Player J.R. Smith, and of course, Joe Budden. But she is unapologetic about her sh*t. She doesn’t lie, but still maintains an air of discretion. A lot of these so-called industry chicks could learn something from her in this regard.

8. Tahiry is not on t.v. “fake fighting.” You can tell that when she gets it poppin, it ain’t for the cameras; it ain’t for the ratings; it ain’t for no reason other than she wants to beat your mothaphuckin ass at that moment. And we believe her. Apparently, so does Joe based on his warning to Raqi!

9.  Tahiry doesn’t come off as an attention whore. Women can smell attention whores from a mile away, and most cool chicks stay as far away from that sh*t as possible.  But a woman who is a natural attention-GETTER–we respect the hell outta that. (Well, all of us non-haters do).  I mean, you see how Erica Mena reacted when she met Tahiry.  She took her “man” the hell on out of there, but she definitely had to acknowledge that Tahiry was bad first.

10. Back to that booty though!  Even straight girls are mesmerized/impressed by it!  It deserves a second mention. Sheesh! Her ass had us all “at hello”!  Am I lying?

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