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Why She Sticks Around (By @Ima_Writer)

Why She Sticks Around (By @Ima_Writer)

It’s rather funny to me when women ALWAYS say what they would do when and if a guy were to cheat on them. Isn’t the story always the same? “Oh I’d never stay with a guy that cheats because…” but how true is that statement though? I have compiled a couple of solid factors as to why even though she hates the idea of you cheating on her why she’ll stick around through it all to “make it work”.

1) Sex– regardless of what women may say about her getting dick from anywhere else, what she really isn’t going to say is if your dick and tongue game is good you think she’d pass that up so that you could be giving that to someone else? Let’s think about this logically. When a woman is giving us the box consistently and we’re taking care of our biz we NEVER have to worry about her cheating. Women know good dick when they have it and you think she’ll be quick to lose that over something like cheating? She’ll rethink this approach. Now some women would but most wouldn’t especially when women realize a lot of us niggas could give a damn less if they came or not they wont pass up a man that actually cares about their body. Ask women about niggas that are unemployed knockin it down? Listen to the stories you’d hear.

2) The What If… Women always feel like damn “what if” I leave this guy and get with another guy and he cheats too. The initial foul on the play fucks it up for every other guy that tries to fill his shoes after the fact. Then the whole trust issues with the new guy sets in, all because the previous has the time in and the emotions of hers still on lock. Let’s be honest. Once a woman has had her heartbroken she’s not too keen in letting another guy try to come in and fix it. The infamous “what if” ALWAYS pops up and if that’s the case its up to the guy to remain patient with her or let her deal with her obvious demons and stay with the past. Nothing worst than having to pay for a pain you didn’t cause.

3) Women have to understand a mans weakness is other women. Not saying that’s grounds for us to cheat but shit that’s how God made it. Forgive us for what it is. But if that man is worth it and you know he is, even though it may hurt at the time and anytime after you’ll “forgive him” and try to make it work. With as much time as you’ve already invested in him (emotionally and monetary most likely) and with the fact you don’t want to do it again with someone you’ll have to learn all over again, you’ll try to reconcile. Either the cheating will end and the man will see he’s hurting you or you’ll continue to be played with the hope it’ll all “change”.

Women don’t get me wrong there are men that don’t cheat but as of recently I’ve been made aware “flirting” is cheating. I honestly thought flirting was being articulate, observant and attentive to the things other people you deem attractive do or say in a discreet way. I guess I was wrong. And so that we’re clear on something there’s MANY forms of cheating, emotional, mental, verbal or the actual sexual action but that’s a whole other blog topic. Peace

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