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Things All Real N1ggas Should Have (@Rebel_witacause)

Things All Real N1ggas Should Have (@Rebel_witacause)

1.  If you are a smoker, and don’t know what Blunt Power is–you need to find out!  It’s a concentrated air freshener that removes all–er–cannib related smells–immediately.  It’s a must have in the car, and can also be used indoors (although I have some serious questions about the potential health effects of a product that is able to pull a miracle like that!)  Trust me.  I’ve seen Blunt Power in action during some “sticky” situations.  Well worth the investment!

2.  The Shottas DVD.  If you have the unedited version with the ORIGINAL soundtrack–even better!  In fact, hit me. I’ll pay top dollar for it!

 3.  The name of at least one weed connect who will deliver within an hour–even if you’re a non-smoker.  (You know, in case you have guests.)

 4.  A Plan B pill–especially since you can get them over the counter now.  They shouldn’t be used as contraceptives, but for those occasions when you’re not quite sure you pulled out in time…Don’t end up one of them dudes on twitter complaining about their bitter baby mama!

5.  An R&B or Classic Soul CD that you can listen to during those sensitive moments that real n!ggas allegedly don’t have. Sade is a favorite. Adele works too.  Especially in dark rooms. (Yeah–yall dudes don’t fool me for a second!)

6.  An item of clothing that everyone in your crew jokes on you about but you love.

 7.  Twitter. This is undebatable.

 8.  The name of a good Jamaican spot that sells bomb jerk chicken.

9.  An ashtray.  Get one!!!  We are ALL sick of worrying about knocking them ash cups over n!gga!

10.  Season 1 of HBO’s “The Wire.”

11.  Books.  Lots of em.  Yeah.  Real n!ggas read.

12.  With the increase in their recent Instagram popularity, I guess hookahs deserve at least honorable mention.  But I’m pretty sure this is simply a “because the ‘hoes’ love em” phenomenon.  Lol.

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