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The Google, Wikipedia & Ask Jeeves Friends (By @RecentRipe)

The Google, Wikipedia & Ask Jeeves Friends (By @RecentRipe)

We live in a world of social networks where if you think about it….you may just create a post or a tweet about it (For Example This Blog). With these social networks you may not even be aiming those tweets to a certain person but her friends sure think different, and why? Because they are Nosey as all Hell! They’re gonna look for the closest thing of relevance to your tweets which will be your girlfriend or maybe even a side joint (but they dont know her yet)! This is where the friend(s) will come into play. Once they see you (The Boyfriend) tweet, post a picture or status out of hand on any social network they gonna screenshot that sh!t and head straight to ya girls inbox! This is where ALL the drama starts.

Your friends or associates need to first off mind their business, because once they feel like they can stir up some sh!t in ya life, they will and will do it often! Your girl will get asked questions like:

Why ya Man tweeting all that freak shit on Twitter?

Why ya Man throwing out these thirst traps on Instagram?

Why ya Man putting them heart emoji faces on everyones picture on the Gram of Insta?

Those are just examples, there are so much more that can come out the wood works, but my point is, once she gets these questions she may or may not answer the right way—-> “I really don’t know, He just be bored and doing WAY too much…” This is where ya girl went all wrong! She just let her friends know that 1) She is allowing all this to happen 2) She have no solution to the problem, and 3) She is not standing up for her man at all, letting all those hoes find the hole in the fence to sneak in the backdoor and cause ruckus.
Women tend to discuss their problems with their friends and then drag them back to you (The Boyfriend) AFTER already talking to her friends. The reason why is because not only are her feelings involved, she has now involved her friends feelings who really have no parts in the relationship, their s!it doesn’t matter. Now you gonna cook up a headache with a Main course of ya girls problems with a side dish of her Bestfriends feelings towards you solely off of social network sh!t.

“Me and the girls went out to eat and they saw you tweeting all this freak shit…and YaYa feels….and LeeLee said….BooBoo doesn’t like….”

While you’re listening to this your just like f*ck ya friends feelings what is the problem YOU have with it!!!! Your girl is letting her friends fill up her head with issues SHE may not have even had from the start, but since they brought it up…it has to be handled. If you ever have a problem with ya significant other BRING IT TO THEM FIRST!…of course you may need to talk to someone else about the issues but it is not their issue, if they have not dealt with it, they will never understand and give the worst advice.  Play it safe, talk about the problem to the main problem. Only they can fix the problems in the relationship before someone else. Your friends may think they see something and report to you every minute with an update, like damn “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” get another hobby. I call them “the Social Network Secret Service.” You need to check these friends.

The issue is a lot of ya girls friends are lookin from the outside…in. They only know what she tells them about y’all relationship and they emotions just be confused. They have either been fucked over and cheated on, had a bad past, or just can never get a companion because of their nasty attitude and much more. Think about it, how many problems have gotten worse after her friends gave her input? If you can’t go to ya significant other with any problem the minute it bothers you, reevaluate ya relationship..the trust isn’t there.
This is where I will get into the type of friends your girl may have and may be dealing with. Look at it as you have to do a 25-30 page report and you need a works cited with valuable sources, where do you turn to….?

Google! Well and Books of course

The Google Friend – This is the friend ya girl can go to that has a lot of different sources for an answer. But she really gives her the run around. She has a Few reliable links with the real answer but ya girl has to research deeper to find a relation between those links. Majority of the links will have an answer nowhere relevant to the question and will confuse the sh!t out of her leaving her not knowing what to do, The Google friend really doesn’t answer a damn thing but give ya girl places to look. Most of her friends will be one of those dumb ass pages on Google.

The Ask Jeeves Friend – This is the very opinionated friend but also the friend that tries to give you the best answer you want to hear. The Ask Jeeves Friend feeds off of other peoples answers and never their own, sort of piggybacking agreeing with the whole. Ask Jeeves is also the friend that we rarely go to because of this. I mean you were relevant at one point but Google is all around better. Ask Jeeves friend will just convince you of a quick temporary solution to get over the anger *Pulls out Patron*

The Wikipedia Friend – This friend, well…they ALWAYS seem right but only because there is no one to reference their sources. Everything sounds politically correct, they have the best presentation of a solution but at the end of the day if you use their answer, it’ll be wrong for you. This is the friend that gives you information they heard from someone else, but will never give up the source.

I know this was a VERY long blog, and it may have lost you but the main point is that the big problem within relationships is that your significant other may only speak about their relationships to their friends when there’s an issue, making it seem like its all bad, the friends don’t see the good. They will make it seem like the Bad outweighs the Good because that’s all they pay attention too.

When people tell you about someone… Whether its your companion, family member, friend or whatever…

You have to REALLY consider your sources (friends or not) & their intentions….

Signing Out – @RecentRipe

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