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Tax Season (By @Yung_Flippa)

Tax Season (By @Yung_Flippa)

Nothing like tax season advice from a guy named Yung Flippa.


First off, I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all of you, hopefully you haven’t giving up on all those resolutions yet. As all of us hardworking people know the top of the year means one thing, W-2 forms. Yep, it is officially Tax Season outchea. That means most of us are looking forward to that nice piece of change we are about to receive in the coming months. Now Tax Season means a lot different things to different people. Some people view this as a time to stack some money to the side for a rainy day , but others view this as STUNTING SEASON.

That means n!ggas gonna have Money to Blow by Birdman, Wayne & Drake turnt up to ignorant levels on the way to the mall, rim shop, club/strip club, trap house, whore house, etc., etc. However, as the great immortal, Jay-z once said, “Chains is cool to cop, but more important is lawyer fees.” In this case, “lawyer fees” are your responsibilities.  All those little Bebe Kids you filed on your taxes should be taken care of FIRST. Secondly, all those past dues bills you may have floating out there should also be taken care of. Moms need some help with the light/gas bill for the Winter throw some dollars her way before you throw some to that stallion at the shake joint.

Now that those responsibilities are out the way you think it’s time to blow the rest of the money right? Wrong!!! There is no need to blow your money at the club buying bottles like this a Meek Mill song. Trying to impress some heaux by paying $300 for a bottle that cost $40 at Sams Club doesn’t make any sense. And if it takes that bottle to get you the box you need to go back to the drawing board but that’s a subject for another day. I know we all want heauxs to “think” we got it, but tricking off on these chicks is highly unnecessary just to the get the box/head combo, the right DM should get you well on your way, and the rest is on you.

Unless you’ve found Tahiry’s clone, I suggest you find a less expensive heaux. Females you don’t escape either, don’t take that money and buy a flight to Houston for All-Star Weekend trying to be the next chick out here with booking info in their bio because they got vodka thrown at them on a show on VH1. Also don’t blow it on a bunch of Louboutins and Louis Vutton, so you can post it on Instagram, and try make that girl you bartender or fold clothes with jealous. Relax and go to a spa, go see a psychiatrist, take your child to an amusement park or buy a great guy like me some sneakers.

At the end of the day, just be smart with the money. Or you could choose not to listen and blow it all. There’s always next year right? YOLO right? That’s cool too, but there’s more to life than living beyond your means, right? But hey, what do I know? Anyway y’all be cool like y’all be cool and make 2013 yall year, physically, financially, mentally, spiritually, or whatever you into. I’m out.

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