Nerd At The Cool Table


77% of the people that consider it “Their year” usually end up failing

89% of the people that cop “Work” with their income tax f*ck it up by giving it to their cousin

For every entourage of 10+ people there are at least 2 informants

47% of guys waiting in line for Jordans haven’t had a fist fight in 5 years

60% of women who post 2 or more quotes a week on instagram suffer from depression

60% of people with 2 phones don’t really need 2 phones

40% of children will get into some sort of trouble tonight due to not being under proper supervision because Love & Hip Hop is on

99% of the people who email Nerd their own tweets for “Coolest Tweets Of The Week” will never ever make it

57% of a women store their side n!gga’s phone number under their Aunts name

60% of men in the gym are only going to improve their sex performance with women they cheat with

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