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“See The Problem is….” (@BoxdenFresco)

“See The Problem is….” (@BoxdenFresco)

See the problem is n!ggas not putting the grape jelly in the refrigerator. Bruh what’s wrong with you? You just refuse to follow instructions and do the obvious. Why I can’t make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at ya crib because ya grape jelly is warm with a weird after taste bruh? The jelly taste like wine bruh. The jelly has a hint of Crown Black in it forreal.  That tells me that n!ggas thought process is off. The way you gather information and assign the appropriate action is just a tad bit off bruh. You might as well put ya milk in the oven before you eat ya cereal bruh. Deadass you might as well sit that frozen chicken out in scorching heat for it to thaw bruh. Tell me how you feel in 3 hrs after you consume that type of bacteria bruh. Bacteria is only a tiny bit of consequence that you will feel from your thought process being off bruh. It gets way worse. Sit back, relax and actually think about what and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Hot jelly tells the whole story smh. This shit crazy.

 – @boxdenfresco

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