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#Sadderday (By @BettySoBased)

#Sadderday (By @BettySoBased)

Wattap yall its @BettySoBased. I was asked to share my sad experience from the homie Billz since he ran out of sad shit to say. I dont know how yall niggas are out here happy and shit, while your girl is out in the club taking shots with her friends and Jerome from accounting or even letting her go on vacations without her shock collar on smh.  Thats where i fucked up yall. I had too much trust in my shorty and I ended going from a dark caesar to rocking the Weeknds haircut with a Harden beard out of full blown depression in one month.

Shit was goin so smooth man. I had graduated high school, went to prom, fell in love, I felt like the man before hitting college. Me and my shorty were on and off throughout the year, but you know how spanish chicks be. You gotta sleep with a knife under your pillow just incase she wakes up cranky one day. Anyways, around June, she told me she was goin on an island cruise her friends in a couple weeks. My instant reply was that Im coming too so she didnt have any excuse to be a little hoe, but she told me that her family was going too so I fell back. When that time finally came she texted my all that lovey dovey bullshit “Imma miss you baby/ Cant wait to see you when I come back/ Imma need some when Im back too ;)” gettin my jimmy hard and sad for no damn reason. All that week I tried to hit shorty up and apparently her phone would go straight to voicemail…. Shit had me feeling like Scorpion from Mortal Combat just ripped my heart out my chest. My latina princess could potentially be in the Bahamas right now getting boinked by some nigga named Chaz and I’m a thousand miles away beatin off to Asa Akira. All these thoughts ran in my head for like two weeks and I couldnt take it anymore bruh, I just had to fuck some hoes to get my sadness out. (Technically thats not cheating since I wore my hoodie and socks on everytime). My remedies just didnt seem to suffice. Aint no bitch gonna throw it back and scream your name like your bitch would. I needed my baby back….

My babygirl finally came back to me at the end of July looking like a Grande Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, I couldnt wait to get my agony out on her. Im hittin her up lettin her no how mad I was that her phone was off for THREE WEEKS and that she better not have been fucking no other niggas and she kept on replying with “Lol”…… BITCH, LOL!!!??? (When a female responds to your questions with an Lol, 99.8% of the time shes tryna curve around ya question). I knew something was up. She was stalling. Finally she broke and told me the worst news I could ever imagine. “Well, my parents didnt go with me on the trip. It was me and *insert two hoe friends names here* and it was our little single get away. But I ended up meeting someone on the cruise and we kinda go out now. But I still wanna be your friend…” Bruh……….. I put my phone down, walked to my kitchen, made a PBnJ sandwich with the edges cut off and cut diagonally, watched an episode of Friends, listened to some Carl Thomas tracks, then reread the text and shed one tear for my fallen angel. With all the energy I had left in my body I replied “Have a nice life. Bitch.” Bitch tried to no-look pass me into a Relafriendship b. Smh, Momma told me not to go out with them spanish girls man, but theyre just a niggas kryptonite. I couldnt even look at myself in the mirror anymore man, I was disgusted. I couldnt walk the streets of Harlem, I felt like all the Spanish girls that walked pasted me could smell my shame.

I just Its been 6 months since the incident and with the help of weed, Henny, and outta town pussy I’ve finally been cured. I learned my lesson for good this time. Im only dating girls that like to knit sweaters and watch Netflix movies on the weeknights. I cant but myself through that agony again b, no way. Wait…… I just gotta text from my ex……………. And shes single now……………….. Welcome to #Sadderday…

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