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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.4 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.4 (By KevM3)

It is very possible for men and women to be friends, but to expect the same things from a female friend that you would a male friend is where people get caught up and get it wrong. She’s not your road dawg who you tell everything to. To merely see females as sexual beings is vastly limiting your human experience and I would say it is more befitting of a man who cannot control his emotions and sexual urges. Something you WILL have to expect from a female friend is that she will limit contact when she gets a man, and rightfully so, as that is her being respectful to her man.

I’ve had several females that have been around a lot longer than some male friends and have even shown greater loyalty than some of them. We’ve sat around for hours just talking about things like music, art and other interesting subjects. The key is when you are in the friend zone with a woman, you have to simply realize it is just that– a friendship, and avoid getting mad if she dates other men. This is a lot easier to do with women you were never really interested in dealing with on that other level in the first place, but it is possible with women you were feeling given you have emotional control.

The kind of female ‘friendship’ I’m against is the man hanging around and fronting like a friend because he got rejected and he’s sneakily trying to game her up and starts getting jealous when she talks to other dudes, despite her telling him she wasn’t feeling him like that. That’s called the ‘failure zone.’ The other kind of female friendship I’m against is women that you allow to hang around you and never is she reciprocal, but she only pops up when she needs favors.

When it comes down to it, cats got to stop getting angry if she isn’t feeling you and keep your emotions in check. If she’s not feeling you and is willing to offer real friendship as in a mutually beneficial relationship, then it you can keep your emotions under control, then why not? The problem comes when cats try to flip the friendship into something more or allow the woman to manipulate them under the false guise of friendship. Another problem is men who allow women to turn them into ‘the homegirl’, aka you go shopping with her and gossip with her and other feminine activities.


One other random Gem……

If a broad has a ‘good girl’ story, like she constantly goes out of her way to state she is a good girl, avoid. Real good girls don’t have stories… they just continually turn down the advances of men and aren’t easy to get with. If you’re with a girl and she ‘acts like a good girl’, but lets you put moves on her fairly easily, she’s fronting.

This is VERY important advice, because as men, when we meet women we dig, we want to imagine them as some rather pure angel who has only messed with 3 to 5 men in her life. Women playing that pure girl routine can get you caught up, because the punch that hits you the hardest is the one you’re not expecting… and if you believe your girl is untouched and chaste and you find she has been hoing it up like the rest, it’ll put a number on you.

Remember, real good girls don’t talk and act it. They are simply hard to get with. If it was easy for you, it was easy for the last man.

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