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How To DM Her (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

How To DM Her (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

1. Say something that will catch her attention, in other words say something funny. Every chick on this earth enjoys a funny dude and a good laugh, even if she wasn’t planning on replying that joke made her say “Haha” or “lol”

2. Save the “What’s ups?”, the “Hey beautiful” and  the “You look familiar  do I know you from somewhere?’ You know how many dudes Dm females using all of that generic bullshit? and now you wonder why somewhere in her twitter Bio it says “My Dms are Broke”. Use them basic conversation starters if you want to and you will be just marinating in her Dms.

3.” If she replies to your DM…don’t f*ck it up” — @RegularAssRon

4. Play it cool , this is easier said than done for most of you dudes, as soon as you get a response from her y’all wanna act a fool… Just be smooth in how you approach her in the Dms don’t ask her to hang out or for her number right from jump

Now even if you said something funny and kept it cool in her Dms but she didn’t respond for whatever reason. Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she doesn’t check her DMs , maybe she thinks you’re ugly and maybe you just weren’t funny at all. Could have been all the above reasons. You aren’t the first dude she ignored or the last and she definitely isn’t the last to ignore you. Shit I have even been eurostepped. But whatever the reason she didn’t respond take that L then just breathe and tweet through it.

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