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“ExposedPhilly” Instagram Page APPRECIATION

“ExposedPhilly” Instagram Page APPRECIATION

Nothing helps my day go by more than ignorance and filth and Philly always delivers when it comes to that. “ExposedPhilly” is the most entertaining Instagram page (after ArtemusGordon) I’ve ever seen

I love it. Just sit back while my daughter watching Ant Farm and see who’s telling.

Put my feet up and watch people argue. Wait for the alleged rat to show up and defend himself. I love instagram. So happy Android was able to join in on the fun. I bet Steve Jobs smiling up above.

Sh!t, you can even see who in Philly living Sanduskyish.

Hey, I ain’t saying any of this is true but who cares…..

Jokes >>> Truth

Make sure you follow the page and enjoy.

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