Nerd At The Cool Table
Dope Or Nope

Dope Or Nope


1.ShoNuff Juelz Santana- produced by Buda & Grandz Muzik
2.Reeboks emergence thru retros
3.Somalian Pirates
4.Being broke & not letting it show
5.Listening to Troy Ave & after listening to more Troy Ave.
6.Not complaining when things aren’t in your favor
7.Oxtails & white rice at 3am
8.Following your heart


1.Fake asses that aren’t put together well
2.Calling weed “Dope”
3.Chief Keef allegedly crying when being sentenced
4.Philly rappers Beefing & not making quality music
5.Leaving a crew to join another crew
6.Contacting people only when you see them “Making moves”
7. Spending more than you have coming in
8. Your children being about to identify Gucci or Louie but not knowing anything about black history

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