Nerd At The Cool Table



1. A$AP Rocky Album

2. LA Clippers

3. Tahiry

4. Grand Puba back in his time

5. Carmelo waiting for KG by their team bus

6. Watching Law & Order drunk

7. Food Instagram Pics

8. Having dangerous young people on your side

9. Dominican Girls that don’t have fat asses

10. Rico Beats


1. Joe Budden vests

2. LA Lakers

3. Spike Lee not wanting to watch DJANGO

4. KG telling Tim Duncan “Happy Mothers Day Muthaf*cka”  knowing his mom passed away

5. Instagram Shout Outs

6. RG3 Knee

7. All the new toys from Christmas being all over the place

8. Vegetarians

9. The Last season of Martin

10. Random pics of a chicks boyfriend on instagram


  1. Stevie J Polos > Joe Budden Vests
    Stevie J Bus > Rich Dollas “let me drive”

  2. Vegetarians are dope too!

  3. Glad Tahiry is on the Dope list. Black twitter was trying to say she is washed up.

  4. Ditto on the dope. Vegans good people too tho.

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