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A Main Chicks Worse Nightmare (By @Ima_Writer)

A Main Chicks Worse Nightmare (By @Ima_Writer)

This topic of discussion might rub some good faithful women the wrong way but then again look who’s writing this. Disclaimer: I’m speaking in a general reference. Not ALL males would agree with me on how I feel and that’s perfectly fine.
Side chicks… Are Side Chicks a gift or curse? I’d say a bit of both. What are side chicks exactly? Side chicks are those girls that try so hard to be a dudes “#1” girl. The side chick normally knows about the dudes “main chick”. She does whatever she has to do, to get in good with the dude to overtake the main chick’s spot. With some dudes the side chick is NOWHERE near that spot. With others the side chick has a special spot in his heart.

Now the pros and cons of having a side chick are simple. The biggest con of all is if you’re main chick finds out about the side chick unless yall have a strong relationship, that shit bout to be dead. Another con of having a side chick, if you piping her long enough she might end up crazy and threaten to tell the main chick of your infidelity. In that case that’s drama that you don’t need. Now the Pros of having a side chick are quite interesting. Now a down ass side chick just needs a little attention. She would even cook, give you money and would probably OUT-FUCK and SUCK your main chick without any lip. You know why? Because she’s tryna prove she’ s main chick material. Its come to my attention that some chicks be having side niggas! Never knew that but in any case, for the “faithful” side chicks she holds her own.

There are rules to having a side chick though. This is how a lot of niggas fuck up when they have one.
1) Side chicks are to NEVER call between 7p and 7am Monday – Thursday that’s clearly the main/wifey hours.
2) Side chicks are NEVER to text. Only send emails.
3) Side chicks don’t EVER get saved in the phone as the full name. Just the first letter of the middle name.
4) Side chicks are NEVER able to leave marks such as hickeys, scratches or bite marks during sex
5) Side chicks are NEVER supposed to know where you really live

If you follow these rules you’ll be good money with having a side chick and ya main never finding out. A lot of main chicks out there thinking like damn does their boyfriend have a side chick. Listen women a side chick is a main chick’s reality check. Letting them know as soon as you start fuckin up, yeah ya days are numbered! I personally never had a side chick while in a relationship but yeah. Hope yall enjoyed this side chick lesson. Comment and give feedback.

Signing Off:
Rob Ima_Writer Grant

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