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Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.4 (By KevM3)

It is very possible for men and women to be friends, but to expect the same things from a female friend that you would a male friend is where people get caught up and get it wrong. She’s not your road dawg who you tell everything to. To merely see females as sexual beings is vastly limiting your human experience ... Read More »

Jailbreak your iphone without jailbreaking your iphone

You jailbroke  your phone? If not you don’t have to. Get on your laptop/PC and then you can add ipa files to your phone. All you do is search the name of the app and ipa in google (i.e. Grand Theft Auto ipa), download the file and add it to your phone via i-funbox. Salute the great man @MrJonCampbell for ... Read More »

Casey Veggies – Life Changes (Mixtape)

Casey Veggies gives us a new project with assistance from Dom Kennedy, Harry Fraud, Cardiak and more. 1. Life Changes feat. Phil Beaudreau (prod. The Futuristiks, Dawaun Parker) 2. My Vision (prod. The Futuristiks, 1500 or Nothin) 3. Young Winners (prod. Dynamic Duo) 4. She in My Car feat. Dom Kennedy (prod. DJ Dahi) 5. Faces (prod. Rob Holladay) 6. ... Read More »

Skeeno Dot Sparkz – Bath Saltz Freestyle (Video)

Shout out to @SkeenoDotSparkz Read More »

The Mafia – Streets Keep Calling (Video)

Another visual off that slept on The Mafia mixtape. Shout out to PUSH! Read More »

N.O Feat. Purp – Bird Problem

Here’s a joint from N.O. out of Brooklyn, NY. Check out his Latest Mixtape: N.O. – HARD WHITE Hosted by DJ Tony Touch & DJ V.I.P Look out for his Thoughts Of An Underage Drinker Mixtape coming later this year Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week


Photo Taken Just Before Rhino Attack

They didn’t even know how real it was about to get. Via Weather.Com ******* Chantal Beyer and her husband Sven Fouche, left, pose for a photograph with rhinos at the Aloe Ridge Nature Reserve near Johannesburg South Africa last weekend. Just after the photo was taken, the closest rhino attacked Beyer and its horn penetrated Beyer’s chest from behind, resulting ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows

  @LoB0SSo @VIPeoples @WhiteGirlaLynn @gabtrilla @StraightKillnEm Read More »

The Google, Wikipedia & Ask Jeeves Friends (By @RecentRipe)

We live in a world of social networks where if you think about it….you may just create a post or a tweet about it (For Example This Blog). With these social networks you may not even be aiming those tweets to a certain person but her friends sure think different, and why? Because they are Nosey as all Hell! They’re ... Read More »

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