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Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Things All Real N1ggas Should Have (@Rebel_witacause)

1.  If you are a smoker, and don’t know what Blunt Power is–you need to find out!  It’s a concentrated air freshener that removes all–er–cannib related smells–immediately.  It’s a must have in the car, and can also be used indoors (although I have some serious questions about the potential health effects of a product that is able to pull a ... Read More »

Tis The Season To Save Money (By @iyonah)

Hey… It’s me again. The lady who likes to ask questions only you have the answer to. Tax season is here for some of us who work in the financial realm and postponed for all those waiting to splurge. Like you, I sometimes fall short, struggle and have the need to come up with cash quick. I know a lot ... Read More »

Rebounding 101 (By @_Wavy_Crockett)

rebound:  (a) to recover from a setback (b) a substitute  for when your starter gets traded or injured. “Everybody at some point in their life has been the rebound or done the rebounding. When doing so, just make sure you box out.” -@Younghue_hef Breakups aren’t bad if you box out and crash the boards. All you need is the right ... Read More »

All Thighs On Me (EYE CANDY)


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