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Daily Archives: January 18, 2013

Ban The Wittiest – Beats Die (Mixtape)


Here’s a gem for yall. Check this project, Beats Die,  from Ban The Wittiest, a artist from England now slithering is way around Milwaukee. If you like it (Or hate it) hit him up on twitter, @DDButh and let him know. Download it for free on  It’s also on Datpiff at Read More »

Why Tahiry Is The Cool Chicks’ New Favorite Cool Chick (By @Rebel_witacause)


When I first heard that Tahiry was gonna appear on Season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop,” I wasn’t really all that excited. We all knew through the Instagram and Twitter grapevine that Kaylin and Joe Budden were an item, and that he and Tahiry were old news. Yeah–Tahiry was still doing her urban modeling thing…and every now and then, ... Read More »

“F*ck You” Friday: French Tips & Turtlenecks (with Special Guest @ImChrisLewis)


F*ck You Snoop Lion Me, like a million other people, scrolled my instragm news feed and witnessed something that left me confused for the remainder of the day. French Tips on the fingernails of one of the most influential rappers of all time. It Broke my heart. No Way. Not This Snoop. Couldn’t be, but it was. Had to be ... Read More »

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