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Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

#CoolTwitter: #WhiteGirlWednesday Top 5 Follows

Shout out to @_Wavy_Crockett @TweetyBerbs @Slundinx0 @jackiefr3sh @JayLANEE @EllaBarbarito_x Read More »

A Main Chicks Worse Nightmare (By @Ima_Writer)

This topic of discussion might rub some good faithful women the wrong way but then again look who’s writing this. Disclaimer: I’m speaking in a general reference. Not ALL males would agree with me on how I feel and that’s perfectly fine. Side chicks… Are Side Chicks a gift or curse? I’d say a bit of both. What are side chicks ... Read More »


I don’t know man this show might be better than First Take. It’s nothing but barbershop talk presented as a TV show. Hugh Douglas (Who i’ve witnessed stumble out of a club while cursing people out), Jalen Rose (Who gives you 2-3 rap quotes a show) and Micheal Smith (Who still owes me a shoutout). Skip and Stephen A Smith ... Read More »

5 Social Media Habits to Make This Year

Over the past year, I’ve experimented with social media in a number of ways. I wrote about Sprout Social, an app for tracking Twitter and Facebook success. (My goal was to hit 800 followers on Twitter–I’m now at well over 3,000.) I wrote about promoting your brand on Pinterest, and how to raise your Klout score. Along the way, I ... Read More »

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