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Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Why She Sticks Around (By @Ima_Writer)

It’s rather funny to me when women ALWAYS say what they would do when and if a guy were to cheat on them. Isn’t the story always the same? “Oh I’d never stay with a guy that cheats because…” but how true is that statement though? I have compiled a couple of solid factors as to why even though she ... Read More »


A in depth look into the creative process & mind of Brooklyn’s Own Troy Ave who many believe is the next Great Rapper to come out of the city of New York Download: White Christmas Hosted by DJ Holiday  – Read More »

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 3 (By KevM3)

In this day and age, you pretty much have to have a hard to get in, but easy to get out policy… sort of like a hotel at night. You can’t get in without a keycard, but you just have to push the doors to get out. It should be tougher for a woman to get in a relationship with ... Read More »

Tax Season (By @Yung_Flippa)

Nothing like tax season advice from a guy named Yung Flippa. **** First off, I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all of you, hopefully you haven’t giving up on all those resolutions yet. As all of us hardworking people know the top of the year means one thing, W-2 forms. Yep, it is officially Tax Season ... Read More »

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