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You’ll Be Broke In 2013 (By @KelSpencer)

You’ll Be Broke In 2013 (By @KelSpencer)

Am I a financial analyst, or a wall street cat, or an economic commentator? Not by a long shot. But just like you, I know what it’s like to be low on dough. And since this is the time of year where most people are spending money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need to impress people they don’t know or like… All while (ironically) getting focused and reflecting for the oncoming new year, I figured I’d share the following top 5 reasons why some… Nah, MOST of us will either stay in the same amount of debt or have even more debt by next year this time:

5- Inflation/Banking:

Butter crunch cookies and pecan swirls used to be 25 cents. The Verrazano Bridge toll used to be $4. Movie tickets used to be $7. This no longer exists due to a concept called ‘inflation’ which pretty much means, all of your favorite stuff is going to get more and more expensive until either Jordan or Jesus comes back. On average, the inflation rate goes up 5% per year. The problem with is, most of us don’t do anything more with our money than put it in the bank. On average the bank offers 3% to you in exchange for you banking with them. So if the inflation rate goes up 5% per year, and banks are only offering you 3% per year, you’re losing 2% of your bread, each year that you don’t even notice. So if you make 35K a year, and all you do with your money is put it in the bank, you’re already pissing damn near a stack into the wind.

4- You’re Scared/Lazy:

I’ve been going out to Far Rockaway to volunteer with the Sandy Victims. You know, helping to hand out food and cleaning supplies and all that. I recently joined a team to help this one family, basically throw about 80% of what they own, out on the street. While doing so, there was a team of 3 Mexican dudes going through all of the trash, and taking the metal to their truck for their scrap metal business. These dudes ended up having to make 3 trips because there was so much metal and this was just from ONE CRIB. I know they made a killing. I say all of this to say, even in a recession… even in hard times… there are still ways to benefit financially. The problem is, you have a talent… an idea… a vision… that can put you in a position to earn more but you either A- Don’t think it’ll work, so you’re scared of failing or B- You have what it takes, you just haven’t taken the first step yet. Remember, failure isn’t failure, it’s just a way to learn how something DOESN’T work. But that’s on you, pimpin’

3- No KY Jelly:

Yeah, you’re being raped with no jelly and they don’t even have the decency to kiss you. Here’s what I mean, you meet a nice shorty at the club. You both hit it off and exchange numbers. Between the text messaging, the money spent on gas (or carfare), condoms, maybe a date or 2, etc… the time that goes into each convo or visit and the brain power to run game (considering this is just a smash and grab job) you were just raped out of all of that. Sure condoms are only a couple of dollars. Sure, you only had to put $5 in the gas tank but imagine doing this with several partners over time on top of the 2% you’re already giving away (Reason #5), If you step back and tally up all of the time, money, effort, and creative conversation that goes into all of this, you’d probably have enough to invest in something that could bring you more bread! And with more bread can come a better quality lifestyle. And with a better quality lifestyle, you won’t have to go out and put all of this into attracting shorties.

2- Hustle… Hustle… Hustle… HARD(ly)

All you do is go to work. Someone out there came up with an idea one day and they made it work. Then they hired you to help keep their dream alive. They give you a pay check, be it large or small and while you clock in and out, their dream lives while yours stays asleep on a pissy mattress right next to that 2%. Working a 9-5 is fine! But you canNOT… I repeat YOU CANNOT become wealthy by only having a 9-5. Not in this country and not in these times! YOU MUST HAVE A SIDE HUSTLE… 2 of em if you’re really ’bout that life. What are you good at? No, not what do you enjoy doing… What are you actually good at?? What do people constantly demand of you?? What do you have a skill at doing, that you can’t even remember learning how to do?? That’s called a gift. And believe it or not, any gift can be creatively applied and profitable. You just need to figure out how to do it on the side so that eventually you can be the person cutting the paychecks to your own staff of employees.

1- Anti-Websters

Your definition sucks. Yeah, you have the wrong definition of “money.” This is the main problem with us all. Challenge yourself in asking yourself what the definition of money is. Or ask your peoplez. I guarantee that you will get everything but the following definition: Money is a tool used in the marketplace for the sole purpose of creating peace in your life. Do people abuse money? Yup! Do we waste it? Yup! Do we use it as a form of control, or oppression, or enslavement? Ya Damn Skippy! But that’s not what it’s for. The sooner you can understand what a peaceful life means to you, the sooner you can start lining up what you do with your money, with that image of peace. Not wealth! Not Rich! Not Ballin’ til your face falls of! But simply peaceful. Once you’re at a place of peace THEN you can ball out and have strippers blow their nose in your Benjamins and all that! But as long as you act like that before reaching that place of peace, money will be the main thing that takes your peace when it’s really here to give it to you.

But you ain’t gotta believe me!!!

Enjoy your Holidays. I promise to stop by and share more often in the up coming weeks. Don’t eat yellow snow and I’ll see you next time I look at you. OUT!

~Kel Spencer

Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn
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