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The Bunny Manual Presents: Seasons Greetings and Cheer (By @FastTimesAtRF)

The Bunny Manual Presents: Seasons Greetings and Cheer (By @FastTimesAtRF)


Sure has been awhile hasn’t it? See, I’d like to think I left you enough free game to get you through this whole shebang but the people knocked on my door one more time. When the people knock, you answer them and give them what they want because that’s the job, plus I’m in the holiday spirit so let’s discuss holidays.

Don’t Bah Humbug Your Way Out the Game.

No matter what is going on, never turn into the Scrooge. There is way too much going on in the month of December for you to be sad, lonely, and stingy. Get out there and indulge in what the season has to offer by going to the company holiday party, enjoying seasonal drinks at home or at the bar amongst good company, and/or donating some things to charity. Trust me, you will feel good about yourself to ring in the New Year. Put the stress away until January.

Real vs Fake Trees

Growing up, I was a kid with parents that had the fake tree. A lot of black people have something about nature being brought indoors that I will never understand. This year I refused to be robbed of having a real tree so I went out and bought a fresh one and let me tell you something…. BEST IDEA PERIOD. Get a real tree and invite a love interest over. Women of all flavors like good drinks and decorating a tree. Nothing gets you more points quicker than putting up a real Christmas tree so leave the fake trees in the store. If you don’t believe me, watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (Top 10 movie ever) and see how Griswold was about getting the real deal.

Throw an Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweaters, strong drinks, people, and music go together like any food that’s assumed different races eat. The onus is on you to throw an ugly sweater party this year my friends. Get your list together (invite people that party hard), buy tons of alcohol and snacks, and grab a long music playlist. If you need holiday drink and food recipes, try out Pinterest for some quick tips.  Get some games and have a contest for the ugliest sweater at the party with prizes. The prizes can be something small like wine or something funny like a gimmick gift. Get creative people, you have a brain that can help with that.

Hit the Slopes

No not those slopes folks, the real ones. Hit the mountains and fly down them. If you need to learn how to ski or snowboard it’s nothing because lessons are available. Honestly, it took me 45 minutes to learn how to ski so I am sure it will be nothing for you. Word of advice, don’t use the ski poles if your coordination is terrible. You can ski sans the poles. Don’t let the idea of “Black people don’t ski/snowboard or interact with snow” dissuade you from being great. You would be surprised how fun it is and physically challenging. I remember I went skiing and woke up the next day feeling like I duked out a few rounds in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. All that being said, do yourself a solid and make it a weekend at the mountains. Ski resorts can lead to stories to tell your son someday if you get what I’m saying.

So these are a few Bunny God type holiday season maneuvers that are simple and to the point. My whole thing with it being the holidays and writing this piece is explore a little bit more and take what fruits life has to offer you. Stop living life doing the same thing everyone else does.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays from the Cool Table

-Bunny God

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